Why to choose a How to be Cabin Crew course?

Why choose us?

  • Our trainers have significant experience in aviation, working both as cabin crew and recruiters for major airline companies.
  • We teach you, step by step, how to be successful at the interview
  • Our How to be Cabin Crew employment success rate is approximately 80% – this means that 80% out of our students are passing the interview with an airline company and are working as Cabin Crew.
  • You are receiving real and objective feedback regarding you success rate of employment. Our trainers will tell you what to do, and mostly, what NOT to, in order to know exactly what you need to improve
  • Our courses are covering information about the interview tasks, how an cabin crew interview goes, what happens after the interview and also about the life of a Flight Attendant in the Middle East and in Europe
  • We offer after course guidance and support. Throughout the course-interview-employment period we are here for you, we offer you advice and help you succeed. We are keeping a very strong connection with our students, and sometimes, even with their parents.
  • We publish everyday articles about the aviation life, interviews with successful flight attendants, stories from “the clouds” and we answer to all your questions.
  • Till present time, we prepared over 2500 students and organized more than 140 courses in Europe
  • We are always smiling and we receive our students with an open heart. We are striving constantly to be better every day and that’s what makes a difference.

We prepare you to pass any airline interview:

If you want to have a broad overview of the role and duties of cabin crew, airline companies profiles, stages of each airlines’s interview and how to pass them, we are waiting for you at our 4 days intensive course. We make your perfect cabin crew CV & pictures, we help you gain confidence and learn how to speak in public, so you will have a flawless performance at your cabin crew interview. Details and registration here.

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