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Our Story

How to be Cabin Crew started in 2013 from a dream: Anca & Georgiana, the founders of this beautiful project dreamed to do something different in order to help people like you to turn their dreams into reality.

Our Trainings

The trainings we deliver are both informational and practical, allowing candidates to rehearse all the situations they will face during the cabin crew interview.

Our Students

Our results speak for themselves: more than 80% of our students passed the job interviews with major airline companies and started working as cabin crew.

If you want to be cabin crew

these are the steps that you have to follow


On How to be Cabin Crew you can read hundreds of useful articles about the specific requirements of each airline and also testimonials which offer all the information there is to know about landing a job as cabin crew.


This is your first step towards your cabin crew career, an introduction to the amazing world of aviation. Find out more about the role of cabin crew and what requirements you should meet in order to get the job.


How to be cabin crew team has over 7 years of experience in helping people like you to be successfully recruited as Cabin Crew. Our courses are all you need to be successfully recruited by the airlines.


How to be Cabin Crew  is where the magic happens and where ambitious people come to learn, get their wings, build, and grow their aviation career.


ONLINE Cabin crew interview preparation course

Our online course will prepare you for the various Cabin Crew applications and interview stages with major airline companies, ensuring you are successfully recruited as Flight Attendant. The course runs for 2 weeks, 3 lessons per week together with an aviation trainer that will guide you constantly and teach you all you need to know about becoming cabin crew.

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