• Who we are?

    We are a young team of experienced cabin crew, trainers, recruiters, journalists, communication and marketing specialists. Passionate about travelling and beautiful stories about cabin crew, we plan on providing the flight attendants-to-be with everything they need to know regarding the aviation field. Our team consists of former flight attendants with hands-on experience, who have flown for over 25.000 hours in the last 30 years. After working in different positions within the airline industry, they went on to become either recruiting specialists or trainers in the field. Also, we work closely with an Human Resources manager that has over 20 years of experience in the recruitment field. Georgiana and Anca are the founders of this project, experienced journalists and marketing specialists that dedicated their last years to the development of this beautiful project.

What we do

Nothing is impossible if you have the right guidance, and this is where we step in. On How to be Cabin Crew you can read hundreds of useful articles about the specific requirements of each airline and also testimonials which offer all the information there is to know about landing a job as cabin crew.

We provide intensive interview preparation courses for individuals planning to take on a career as cabin crew with one of the growing Middle East or European airlines.

The HTBCC team offers applicants first-hand knowledge of every aspect of the recruitment days of Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar airways, FlyDubai, AirArabia, Gulf Air, Oman Air, Ryanair, British Airways, Wizz Air, Easjyet etc.

Our courses are both informational and practical, allowing candidates to practice each stage of the interview they will encounter on the Assessment Days and to rehearse all the situations they will face during the cabin crew interview.

Our results speak for themselves: more than 80% of the participants attending our courses passed the job interviews with major airline companies and started working as cabin crew.

Long story short, our plan is to help you fulfill your dream and start a career as cabin crew, while you have fun, you interact with many people and you learn a lot of useful things. Enjoy!

Why us?

  • We are a young team of very passionate aviation lovers planning to teach you how to get your dream job; we do things with passion, we dedicate our entire time to this project and we strive to be the best, day after day
  • Our trainers have more than 30 years of experience in the aviation field - we carefully select all of our trainers so we can provide our students the perfect learning experience
  • On our website you can read daily updated articles that will help you gain a valuable insight into aviation
  • We have been teaching more than 2000 students on how become cabin crew until now
  • We have organised cabin crew preparation courses all over Europe with great success among our students: 80% of them pass the cabin crew interview after attending one of our courses
  • We smile lots, we have fun, we dedicate this project to all individuals that want to make an important change in their life, to learn to trust themselves, push their limits and turn their dreams into reality!
  • If you want to do this major change in your life, we are here to give you wings! Become cabin crew with our help, go discover the world and make memories on each continent!

See you among the clouds,
How to be Cabin Crew team