Our story


How to be Cabin Crew started in 2013 from a dream: Anca, the founder of this beautiful project dreamed to do something different in order to help people like you to turn their dreams into reality.


Passionate about travelling and beautiful stories about cabin crew, she planned on providing the flight attendants-to-be with everything they need to know regarding the aviation field. After almost 10 years of hard work and dedication, How to be Cabin Crew has become the biggest training & recruiting centre for cabin crew in Europe.


We have offices in Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Romania and Republic of Moldova. Also, we have organised more than 200 airline interview preparation courses all over Europe and trained more than 3000 future cabin crew.


Our team consists of former flight attendants with hands-on experience, who have flown for over 25.000 hours in the last 30 years. After working in different positions within the airline industry, they went on to become either recruiters or aviation trainers.


How to be cabin crew team has over 9 years of experience in helping people like you to be successfully recruited as Cabin Crew. Our courses are all you need to be successfully recruited by the airlines. Don’t waste money on Cabin Crew attestations that cost thousands euros. Just remember, all airlines provide their own free training to all new recruits on how to work as Cabin Crew. The area that you should focus on is how to pass the recruitment process and get your dream job!

Our courses


Our courses are conducted in an interactive and fun way, so learning new skills has never been so enjoyable. The trainings we deliver are both informational and practical, allowing candidates to practice each stage of the interview they will encounter on the Assessment Days and to rehearse all the situations they will face during the cabin crew interview.



Our results speak for themselves: more than 80% of the participants attending our courses passed the job interviews with major airline companies and started working as cabin crew.


Long story short, our plan is to help you fulfill your dream and start a career as cabin crew, while you have fun, you interact with many people and you learn a lot of useful things. Enjoy!

Meet Anca

the founder of How to Be Cabin Crew

Anca Dumitrescu


Anca has a professional background in aviation, marketing and communication – three key skills that will help you land your dream job in the skies. With over 10 years spent perfecting the art of landing dream jobs, she has prepared more than 3000 candidates for the cabin crew job. From 2019 she has been also working  as a recruiter for major airline companies.

Anca is now here to share her insider secrets that can help you gain an insight into the recruiters’ expectations of candidates. With her expert coaching and guidance, you will be prepared for the demanding process that airlines put candidates through, so you can hear the words “You’re hired”.

More about our work

We are a young team of very passionate aviation lovers planning to teach you how to get your dream job; we do things with passion, we dedicate our entire time to this project and we strive to be the best, day after day

Our trainers have more than 30 years of experience in the aviation field – we carefully select all of our trainers so we can provide our students the perfect learning experience

On our website you can read daily updated articles that will help you gain a valuable insight into aviation

We have been teaching more than 3000 students on how become cabin crew until now

We have organised cabin crew preparation courses all over Europe with great success among our students: 80% of them pass the cabin crew interview after attending one of our courses

We smile lots, we have fun, we dedicate this project to all individuals that want to make an important change in their life, to learn to trust themselves, push their limits and turn their dreams into reality!

If you want to do this major change in your life, we are here to give you wings! Become cabin crew with our help, go discover the world and make memories on each continent!