Why are men wanted in aviation?

The cabin crew job doesn’t mean only beautiful uniforms, impeccable make-up, red lipstick and perfect bun. During the flights, you’ll meet all sort of people, cultures and situations which can pun the flight attendants in difficulty. Because every day is different, cabin crew have to be themselves very different, with various personalities, this including both women and men.

Although media is always talking about “stewardesses”, “air hostesses”, “female flight attendants” and rarely about men building a career in aviation, the number of those practising this job is increasing considerably.

Did you know the first flight attendant in the world was a man?

Henrich Kubis is the first male flight attendant who in 1912 was hired by Delag Airline, on a Zeppelin LZ-10. His duties were similar with those of today’s cabin crew: taking care of passengers and assuring they have a comfortable ride.

Therefore, being a male flight attendant isn’t a tabu subject, something rare and extremely hard to find. Actually, more and more airline companies are looking for male cabin crew to join their team. The most popular ones are Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Wizz Air, Ryanair, British Airways, Norwegian and the list can continue. The companies which are looking ONLY for females are a few comparing the ones from above.

Why do companies need male cabin crew?

The answer is simple: because we are equals and diversity is beautiful. Duties of a male flight attendant aren’t different from the ones of a female. The only difference is when, in certain cultures, the presence of a man onboard is preferred. For example, some religions prohibit man to have eye contact or any other sort of contact with a woman. That’s why most of the flights to and from Israel are operated almost every time by a crew only with men.

The passion for flying and the wish to have a career in this environment can’t be divided by gender. Man doesn’t have to be pilots and girls flight attendants. Each of them has to follow their passion. So if until now you were undecided whether you can work as a flight attendant or not, now you know all the aspects of this subject. Men can be “stewardesses” too!

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