How to apply for a Cabin Crew position

You want to apply for a job in the clouds? You are passionate about aviation and you want to travel all around the globe? Here you will find the steps you need to follow in order to apply for your dream job, as a flight attendant.

  1. Requirements

In order to apply for a position as Cabin Crew first you must see if you meet the minimal conditions listed here:


Minimum 18 years old for most European airlines Minimum 21 years old for the airlines from the Orient (Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Oman Air, Al Maha Airways)


Accepted minimum height of each airline varies based on policy: Minimum 1.57m -1.58 m (for ex: for Ryanair, Easyjet or British Airways) 1.65 m for girls and 1.75 m for boys for Wiz Air

The airlines from the Orient usually require that you must reach 2.10m or 2.12m vertically, with your arm, barefooted, you may stand on your toes. Etihad Airways requires 2.10m whereas Emirates and Qatar Airways 2.12m. More information about it here. 

Be able to swim

Swimming is compulsory for this profession, so if you are not able to swim, you should begin taking swimming classes.

Highschool graduation diploma

This document is mandatory.

No tattoos in sight

Generally companies accept tattoos as long as they are not visible when wearing the uniform. But bear in mind that there are companies like Qatar Airways, which does not accept any tattoos, even if they are not seen when wearing the uniform. Read more about the airlines’ policy on tattoos here.

English language skills

All airlines require fluency in English for their flight attendants, both written and oral. You must have a good level of English to be able to pass the interview. Your English skills are an important part of your training.

Good health

As a future flight attendant, you will be the subject of a series of tests and medical examinations. Their purpose is to detect any possible disease or illness that could aggravate during flights.


  1. Where to apply for Cabin Crew

You need to keep an eye on the airline companies career website in order to see when they are hiring Cabin Crew. Here you can find the most searched airline companies for the position of Flight Attendant.


Qatar Airways:

Etihad Airways:

Air Arabia:

Gulf Air:

Oman Air:

Wizz Air:




British Airways:



  1. Prepare before the interview

         1.Perfect CV and Photos

The first thing the recruiters will see when you apply for the job is your CV and Photos. That will make the difference between being accepted or not.  If you want to have your CV perfectly done you can send it to us in order to correct it. More details here.

        2. Inform yourself about the airline and how the interview goes.

Before attending an interview make sure you have informed yourself about everything it is to know of the company you apply to. Also you can look on our website and see how an interview day goes, what are the differences between open and assessment day and how to approach the recruiters.

        3.Attend an interview Cabin Crew course

If you want to be extra prepared for Cabin Crew job you can attend one of our How to be Cabin Crew courses. We are also providing online private coaching with one of our trainers, which will give you the opportunity to prepare for an interview wherever you are. More details here.

Good luck and hope to see you among the clouds!

How to be Cabin Crew team

We prepare you to pass any airline interview:

1. Join our two days course in Madrid, Chișinau or London in which you’ll find everything you have to know about aviation, the interview and the stages of it. We will make sure you go prepared to your Open Day or Assessment Day! Also, we will also make you a perfect cabin crew CV and we will be with you during your entire journey to the skies. Details and registration here.


2. If you want to have a broad overview of the role and duties of cabin crew, airline companies profiles, stages of each airlines’ interview and how to pass them, we are waiting for you at our courses. We make your perfect cabin crew CV & pictures, we help you gain confidence and learn how to speak in public, so you will have a flawless performance at your cabin crew interview. Details and registration here.


3. If you cannot attend our courses, regardless of where in the world you are located, we can work together privately. Through coaching sessions via web video (Skype or Google Hangouts), our trainers can work with you to improve your performance at the cabin crew interview and supporting you every step of the way to get you where you want to be. More details here

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