All about cabin crew tattoos

Are cabin crew allowed to have tattoos?

This seems to be a commonly discussed issue among those, men or women, who wish to become cabin crew, but already have tattoos, and Nicoleta Gherman, trainer and recruiter, has already answered a few questions on this topic.

As a general rule, it is considered that, having tattoos isn’t a problem as long as they aren’t visible whilst wearing the uniform, but numerous companies that hire, ask cabin crew candidates during the interview whether they have any tattoos or not.

Some of the people we know, are of the opinion that they haven’t made it pass the first stage of the interview because they have admitted having a tattoo, even if this was positioned on their shoulder, back or stomach. Others, who kept quiet about their discrete tattoos during the interview, passed without any problems – it seems an unfair and confusing situation for those going to the selection!

One thing is certain: each airline adopts a rule when it comes to cabin crew tattoos. Some companies’ policy says that a flight attendant is not allowed to have any tattoo, while other companies’ policy says that, as long as the tattoo isn’t visible, it is not a problem.

Company policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

The airline companies’ argument for their not wishing cabin crew to have tattoos is that, if they, at a certain point, design a new uniform with shorter sleeves or of a finer material, it is possible that cabin crew’ tattoos will be exposed in plain sight.

Qatar Airways policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

No tattoos allowed, regardless of the area they’re located in. This company does not tolerate tattoos and did not hesitate to make redundant senior employees when they introduced this rule.

Etihad Airways policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

If tattoos can be covered by the uniform, they are not a problem. Camouflaging a visible tattoo is not allowed: “No tattoos that would be visible whilst wearing the Etihad uniform (bandages and cosmetic coverings are not permitted).”

Emirates policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

Tattoos are allowed as long as they are not visible whilst in uniform. “No visible tattoos while in Emirates Cabin Crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings not permitted).”

Wizzair and Ryanair policies regarding cabin crew tattoos

Tattoos can not be visible whilst wearing the uniform. Does not allow any visible tattoos. Only those that can be covered by the uniform are allowed.

An airline company will never hire cabin crew with visible tattoos. Furthermore, there are companies that completely prohibit the presence of tattoos, no matter what area of the body they are located in.

Generally, the policy says that no cabin crew can have visible distinctive mark (tattoos, scars, birthmarks). Most uniforms for cabin crew consisting of a skirt/gymslip knee length and short-sleeved shirt, so that it is forbidden to have tattoos or any visible marks on any of the body parts in sight.

The visible parts of the body are: face, neck, hands, arms, legs.

During the assessment day, recruiters might ask you to fill out a form where you mention if you have any birthmarks or tattoos, and where exactly are they positioned on the body. If you do not wish to declare a tattoo to the recruiters, it will eventually be revealed during the medical test that every cabin crew must undertake at the airline’s medical clinic, after the employment. In this case, your employment contract ceases immediately and you will be sent back home.

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  • Olga May 25, 2015   Reply →

    What about tattooed eyebrows? Permanent make-up, but without the hairs.

    • Nicoleta May 25, 2015   Reply →

      Olga, eyebrows tatoos are not accepted at Qatar Airways!

      • Erika July 4, 2016   Reply →

        What about tattooed ringfinger ? ( my boyfirend name)

        • Ana Maria July 4, 2016   Reply →

          You will need to remove it, because a tattoo is not accepted if it’s visible in uniform at most airline companies and others don’t accept it at all.

          • Sukriti giri November 15, 2019  

            If we remove the visible tatto by treatment we can apply for cabin crew?

          • Georgiana Birdan November 19, 2019  

            Yes, if you remove your tattoo and it’s no longer visible, you can apply for a cabin crew position.
            Good luck!

  • Niki May 26, 2015   Reply →

    Birthmarks? Seriously? I got one on a nose, is that a problem?

  • Manuela May 27, 2015   Reply →

    Is there a chance to be cabin crew if i have birthmarks on my arm.i have to mention the fact that they are small and visible.
    Thank You very much.

    • Anca Dumitrescu May 27, 2015   Reply →

      Dear Manuela,

      As long as your birtmarks are not so visible and small, there should not be a problem. If needed, you can cover them with make-up.

      Good luck,

  • Olga May 27, 2015   Reply →

    Thank you, but I wasn’t asking about Qatar, but generally.

    • Anca Dumitrescu May 27, 2015   Reply →

      Dear Olga,

      If the tattooed eyebrown are done in a natural way and you cannot tell that they are fake, there won’t be a problem. With Qatar Airways it’s a little bit tricky, but I guess you already know that.

      Good luck,

  • Olga June 5, 2015   Reply →

    Thanks for your reply.
    I wrote from the first message that they are permanent make-up, but without the hairs.
    So, just the tattoo, without ant natural hairs in there. Therefore, they don’t look natural from a short distance.

    • Monkey May 14, 2016   Reply →

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  • johnny July 1, 2015   Reply →

    Hi . i have an AD with etihad soon and altough my tattooes is not visilble while wearing the uniform i still have half a sleeve tattoo . and it shows that it is not allowed in the diagram they provide with the regestration paper . so i dont know if i should declare it or now and i do not understand wh is it not allowed altough it doesnt show while wearing the etihad unifrom

    • Kayleen May 14, 2016   Reply →

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  • Ela August 17, 2015   Reply →

    I have a small 3x4cm tattoo of violin key on my inside part of ankle. Would it be acceptable in ryanair?

    • Marguerite September 19, 2015   Reply →

      Hi Ela,
      I am afraid that in Ryanair it is not acceptable. When I was at the interview last year there weren’t any exceptions. You cannot have a visible tattoo.


  • Rick October 12, 2015   Reply →

    Does anyone have a list of airlines that will accept applicants with tattoos which can be covered by long sleeves? The only airline I am aware of that does is EasyJet.

  • Mark October 19, 2015   Reply →

    I have a tattoo on my upper back around my shoulder blade but it wouldn’t be visible if I am wearing a shirt! But Ryanair prohibit tattoos on upper this just for females who would be wearing a low collar?

  • NAME* October 24, 2015   Reply →

    I hv a tattoo tat on my back neck,wearing the uniform should b can cover it…bt Izzit acceptable for the airline?

    • Dragon May 14, 2016   Reply →

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  • Adrianna Aguilar December 11, 2015   Reply →

    Hello 🙂 thank you so much for providing this information. However , with the medicals you say tattoos will be revealed . Are the medicals done without any clothes on? Thank you for your time look forward to hearing your reply.

  • Ashes December 15, 2015   Reply →

    Is it okay to admit that i have a small tattoo on my right arm but willing to remove them.

  • Smile January 7, 2016   Reply →

    I have to tattoo on my wrist and I am wait to no it that is available?

  • Ryan January 26, 2016   Reply →

    I have tattoo on both of my upper wrists and on my shoulder going to my back. Is that possible to be hired?

    • Anca Dumitrescu January 27, 2016   Reply →

      Hello Ryan,

      The tattoo on your shoulder won’t be a problem, cause it is hidden while wearing the uniform. The only problem maybe be the tattoos you have on the wrists, cause they are visible. Are they big? Can you take them off with laser or something?

      • vvk grg May 18, 2016   Reply →

        i am applying for customer service agent ..and i have tattoo on both of my arms and a tattoo on my elbow as well….what do u say is that possible..?

  • Vibooshan Dyanaranjan February 8, 2016   Reply →

    I have a totally non visible tattoo on my upper right arm. I’ve been selected for a Customer Service Agent position at Qatar Airways but didn’t mention the tattoo as I was afraid I would be cut.

    When they do the medicals do they check for tattoos by asking us to remove our shirts/t-shirts?

    • kkk May 18, 2016   Reply →

      did u get hired with all those tattoo

  • Vinsy February 25, 2016   Reply →

    I have a tattoo in my ankle, what if i can cover it ? it is okay ? Thanks

  • Tania March 7, 2016   Reply →

    Hi! I´ve applied for Etihad Airways, because I saw they have new uniforms now, I have 3 tattoos but they can all be covered with the uniform. Should I say I don’t have tattoos or should I be honest?
    Anyway they can all be covered… There´s no way they could see I have a tattoo if I don’t tell them.
    Thanks a lot!

  • bianca April 21, 2016   Reply →

    I have removed my tattoo that was on my right foot, just waiting for it to completely fade. I have applied for Qatar airways. Would this be a problem?

    • Ana Maria July 4, 2016   Reply →

      Hello Bianca,

      no, if it’s removed you will have no problem.

      Good luck and safe flights!

  • NAME* April 26, 2016   Reply →

    I attended a hiring event with GoJet Airlines I did not make it for the interview it was a no go because of my small wrist tattoo that can be covered with a watch but it’s a requirement very disappointed because I put a lot of time and money taking a Certificate course to have a better chance of getting hired. I was very excited about becoming an Flight Attendant. A DREAM THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

  • Johnie May 14, 2016   Reply →

    What, you mean the Saudis, our tight ally in the GWOT, pushed an inmmflaatory story in order to distract people from a government blunder? For shame! We would never think of doing something like that here…

  • That’s really shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  • priya pal May 24, 2016   Reply →

    I have tattoo in my hand can I get job in cabin crew

  • Sylvia June 4, 2016   Reply →

    I have a tattoo on my back and it’s not visible.. Is it possible for me to become a cabin crew


  • Lavinia June 18, 2016   Reply →

    I have a small tattoo between the fingers from my left arm (1cm) and can be covered with a ring. Would that be a problem for Emirates?

    • Ana Maria July 4, 2016   Reply →

      Hello dear Lavinia,

      if you go to an interview make sure to cover it with a ring and some make-up. But if you are accepted, you will need to remove it before arriving in Dubai.

      Good luck! :*

    • Andreea Julei August 7, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Lavinia,
      You can apply first for the job and then Emirates team will decide if your tattoo it’s a problem. Anyway be honest with them from the beginning. We wish you all the best!

      • Andra September 5, 2017   Reply →

        Hello! I have a small tattoo on my right ankle. It’s an airplane with a heart and I don’t know if it can be covered with the shoes.

        • Andreea Julei September 10, 2017   Reply →

          Hello Andra,
          The shoes given by the company are regular ones, and you can make a test before going to an interview or try to cover it with foundation. If it can’t be seen, you are safe, but you will have to declare it later. We Wish you good luck!

  • Jess June 29, 2016   Reply →

    I have a tiny tattoo on the back of my neck, which would be covered by the collar or scarf and one on my ankle which I am currently in the process of getting removed. Would these be allowed by any airline?

    • Ana Maria July 4, 2016   Reply →

      If you are going to remove them is perfect, just remember to not declare them when you are going at an interview. If you are accepted and till the moment you will start working, you remove them, is no problem. Good luck!

  • brandoon August 22, 2016   Reply →

    Hi! I´ve tried for applying airways, I have a tattoo on my stomach but it can be covered with the uniform. Should I say I don’t have tattoo or should I be honest or Could I say that I’ve been doin’ for tattoo removal?
    it can all be covered. There´s no way they could see I have a tattoo if I don’t tell them.
    I’m worried about swim test or physical check things..

    I really want to hear from cabin crew working now..

    • Andreea Julei August 7, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Brandon. We advice you to tell only the truth in any circumstances and any airline you want to apply for will decide if you are suitable or not, but remember that honesty is a very important quality. Take your chance and go to the interview and then youl will decide if you are able to work or not. We wish you all the best!

  • Cee September 26, 2016   Reply →

    Hi. I have a thin but ‘long line’ (8cm like surgery scar on the outer side of my ankle. Will that be a problem for Qatar airways? I don’t wish to declare it during my interview. I’m worried they will see it during the medicals and throw me out.

    • Andreea Julei August 7, 2017   Reply →

      Hello dear. Our advice is to tell them from the beginning about the scar because they will see it anyway at one point and this incident can make you lose your chance to become a flight attendant. We wish you good luck!

  • shivam gupta March 3, 2017   Reply →

    Hi i completed hotel management but i have a tattoo on forarm , may i apply for cabin crew?

  • Maine March 31, 2017   Reply →

    Hi, i have a full arm sleeve a tatoo on my back and on my feet. If a cover it with my uniform would that be a problem? And do i have to say it or not? Ryan air cabin crew. I am scared if i tell it i wont make it to the sellection.

    • Anca Dumitrescu April 3, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Maine,

      If you have a tatto on the arm, than it’s a problem, cause you have a short sleeve for the uniform. The recruiters won’t accept tattoos in the arms, unfortunately.

  • Jeremy July 5, 2017   Reply →

    hey there i have a tattoo on my left foot and on my upper back both are covered while wearing uniform. is it possible to get a cabin crew job also should i admit that i have tattoos on the interview. or at the medical will i be thrown out..

    • Andreea Julei August 7, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Jeremy,
      As long as all tattoos are covered by the uniform it should not be a problem but you have to let the company know about this aspect from the beginning. Wish you good luck!

  • maria July 17, 2017   Reply →

    I have a tattoo on my neck. Is it going to b a problem?

    • Andreea Julei August 7, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Maria. It can be a problem if it is visible or you can’t hide it with makeup. Wish you all the best!

  • Mashiah September 4, 2017   Reply →

    Hello I have been doing lot of research and some company’s say as long as the tattoo isn’t visible but I would consider mines visible even when I wear every day short sleeve shirts it doesn’t show….the tattoo is a medium tattoo of a Ross between my shoulder and bicep.
    I just wanna know should I even consider applying or would it be a waste of time?

    • Andreea Julei September 10, 2017   Reply →

      Dear Mashiah,
      As long as the tattoo is not visible (it can be covered while wearing a short sleeve shirt) you can aply for any company you want. No one will have a look under your shirt, so if the tattoo is out of the visible area, you are safe. We wish you good luck!

  • Oais Kazi September 15, 2017   Reply →

    Hello, i had a doubt, i have moles (birthmark) on my face , its not too big but it is visible and i have it on my nose and left cheek, i was wondering is that an issue? or i wont get selected for that? Please help! Thankyou 🙂

    • Andreea Julei September 18, 2017   Reply →

      Hello. I don’t know how big or visible are your signs but it depends for what company you want to work. For example, Qatar Airways are very strict and they don’t accept any kind of marks at all. Give us some more details or picture and I will give you my opinion after. Thank you!

  • Jerly October 9, 2017   Reply →

    Hello. I noticed a lot were asking questions about their tattoos, birth marks and scars. But how about STRETCH MARKS? I have stretchmarks at the back of my legs and i’m worried about it. . Is it going be a problem? Thank you

    • Andreea Julei October 11, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Jerly.
      It depends a lot for what company you want to work because if we are talking about Qatar Airways, they don’t accept any kind of marks. Other companies are more flexible and if the marks are not visible through the stockings, it’s fine. We wish you good luck!

  • Filip October 13, 2017   Reply →

    I have a few quite big colorful tattoos on my upper arms. Do you think I would still be able to get a job as a cabin crew?
    thank you

    • Andreea Julei October 16, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Filip.
      Some companies are ok with tattoos as long as they are not visible and you can cover them with the uniform. The only company that wiil not accept you is Qatar because they are very strict regarding this aspect. We wish you good luck!

  • marina November 2, 2017   Reply →

    hello , are we sure about this QATAR strict poliy for tattoos? i wii attent the OD and i have tattoo, of course not visible. i will be rejected?

    • Andreea Julei November 2, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Marina,
      At the interview stage they will not check your body for tatoos, but if they will accept you, you will do some checkups, and you will be reported. We know people who have been sent home for not declaring their tattoos, so our advice is to hide it very well or try with other company. Good luck!

  • Neelam November 12, 2017   Reply →

    I have stretch marks on my arms and freckles on my face. Does qatar airways reject on the basis of freckles and stretch marks?

    • Andreea Julei November 12, 2017   Reply →

      Hello Neelam.
      I have to admit the fact that Qatar Airways are very strict regarding all kind of marks, and maybe the freckles are not a problem because you have been born like this, but the stretch marks, if they are visible, they will probably say no to you at the interview. If you can, send us some photos in private and i can give you my honest opinion. Wish you all the best!

  • Priya November 22, 2017   Reply →

    I have a tattoo on my left wrist..Have completed 7 laser seatings….can u plz suggest me a airlines for which I can apply?? One more thing if the tattoo is removed but the marks takes time to get vanished do the airlines allow us to join or give interviews?

    • Andreea Julei November 22, 2017   Reply →

      The only airline that doesn’t accept marks and tattoos at all is Qatar Airways. The rest of airlines are ok with this as long as they are not visible and covered by the uniform. If your mark will be very visible they will ask you what happened but try to cover it with foundation and go to the interview. We wish you good luck!

  • Rani January 1, 2018   Reply →

    I have a birthmark on my face (right cheek) it’s not that big. I would like to know if that is an issue
    Please reply. Thank u

    • Andreea Julei January 10, 2018   Reply →

      Hello Rani,
      It depends how visible it is and for what company you want to work. Qatar Airways for example is not accepting any kind of marks.Take care!

      • Rani February 25, 2018   Reply →

        my birthmark is round and dark and I want to work for KLM.Can u pls tell me if they will accept this?
        Thank u .

  • Michaela November 23, 2018   Reply →

    I read above that visible part of body are: face, neck, hands, arms and legs. I have one small WHITE tattoo right behind my ear. It is easy to cover it with hair. Do you think that it would be a problem. I want to apply for Emirates airlines.
    Thank you very much for your answer.

  • Marta November 30, 2019   Reply →

    Hey Guys, I would appreciate if you could tell me if having a tattoo on my wrist (which I can easily cover with a watch) will disqualifie me from working as a cabin crew in Emirates.
    Thank you in advance for any replies 🙏

    • Georgiana Birdan December 2, 2019   Reply →

      Hello dear Marta!
      Unfortunately, yes. Emirates allows tattooss only if they are covered while wearing the uniform. You could try to remove it from your wrist in order to have more chances.

  • triza anthony January 5, 2020   Reply →

    hello mam.i have a stich mark near my left elbow and a small star tatoo near my ladyfinger of my right hand can i apply for air hostess?

    • Georgiana Birdan January 6, 2020   Reply →

      Hello, dear Anthony!
      Unfortunately, in order to become a cabin crew, you don’t have to have any visible marks or tattoos while wearing the uniform.

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