How the perfect flight attendant looks like? Find out what airline companies are looking for

How the perfect flight attendant looks like? Find out what airline companies are looking for when they are hiring.

There are a series of qualities that a flight attendant must have in order to be employed at an airline company, no matter the airline. It is true that each company is looking for something specific when they are recruiting, in order for them to keep the authenticity of their cabin crew and services offered on board. However, the roles of cabin crew and their tasks are all the same, no matter the company you fly for.

Qualities you need to possess:

-passion: the desire to see the world is not enough. You need to be an empathetic individual, to really want to help those around you and save their life if things are not going well during a flight.

-professionalism: always communicate with your colleagues, always smile, and work in team. Understand what your role is on board and never stop learning from the others. Be discreet and do’t do anything that could affect your colleagues.

-experience in customer service: it is a great advantage to have some customer service experience before applying for a flight attendant position. It is not mandatory, but I can be a plus. This means you know how to deal with difficult clients, how to empathise with their problems and go the extra mile for him.

-punctuality: never be late. It is the easiest way to lose your job. If you arrive late at the interview, you will surely not pass it. If you arrive late at your training, you can say goodbye to your colleagues. If you arrive late and you miss your flight, you will be put on the black list and only if you have a really good reason for being late, you might get a second chance. Punctuality is essential for this job. The crew will never wait for you!

-flexibility and adaptability: everything can change in a flash beat and very often this is really happening on a flight! You need to know how to live with it and to move on. There will be times when you need to be ready in 45 minutes in order to go for a flight!

-interest in others: take care of your passengers every day, in the best way possible. You have the chance to make someone else’s day better only by offering excellent service on board and smiling more. Your attitude reflects also the image of the company and the way the passengers perceive it.

-team spirit and communication skills: these aspects are essential on board, especially, in case of difficult or urgent situations. You are part of a team, and that team changes everyday, therefore you need to be able to work with strangers, with persons you have never met before, and you should have the same purpose when working together: the security and comfort of the passengers.

We hope this article gave you at least some hints about what an airline company is looking for when they are hiring. An experienced cabin crew/recruitor sees the potential in candidates and they can tell if she/he has the necessarily skills to be hired. At an assessment day you will be checked the entire day, even if you do not see it, so always be careful to socialize, to smile and to have a professional attitude.

Group tasks and discussions are specially conceived in order to highlight your qualities, so the recruiters can tell if you can work in a team or not. The final interview is your chance to stand out an prove you will be an incredible flight attendant.

If in this moment you feel that you don’t have all these qualities, start working on polishing them. Do not forget that the road to a career in aviation is most of the time a long one and if you didn’t had luck at your first attempt, you should remain positive and think about your next chance

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