How many languages a cabin crew has to speak?

Making a top 3 of the most asked questions about the cabin crew job, the one we’ll be talking about today is about the languages spoken by cabin crew.

This question is a very important one because a good mastering of certain languages is a requirement for any airline company.

The aviation industry promotes the development of a multicultural workplace. This thing is obvious due to aviation’s main goal – bringing people together. It is well known that big airline companies are recruiting cabin crew from all around the world.

Nationals airline companies are looking for flight attendants that can talk fluently in the official language of their country (besides English). Some examples could be: Turkish Airlines (Turkish), KLM (Dutch) or Lufthansa (German).

A basic rule and general selection criteria is to have an English language knowledge above medium level, both written and spoken. That’s why the interviews and all the instructions are given to the candidates in English. Most times companies will also have a written English exam.

Of course, knowing a second or third language is an advantage but no company is making their choice due to this aspect.

Why English language is so important?

The main reason why flight attendants must have a good knowledge of English is that in this way, they’ll be able to effectively communicate in this field. Human errors, communication barriers can be the cause of a tragedy. The entire crew, pilots, air traffic controllers, engineers, all who deal with an aircraft or the services offered on board an aircraft must talk a common language. Imagine how it would be if flight attendants couldn’t understand the command of the other cabin crew. Therefore, mastering English is a safety criteria in aviation.

I hope this helped you in not giving up on your dream if you don’t know any other languages besides English. Our trainer, Roxana, who flown for Gulf Air (read here her story) speaks only English and Romanian (mother tongue), so it’s a real proof that she made it!


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    Is there online class i can attend to learn an other language besides English please let me know
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    I want enquiry about every courses related to cabin crew, which helps to step up for this selection.

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