Why is it necessary to have a certain height when working as a flight attendant?

All airline companies are looking for cabin crew with a pleasant physical aspect and a certain height. The height standards aren’t there because companies look for crew that are models, they exist because of the safety of the passengers and the entire crew. If you look carefully at the cabin while travelling, all the overhead compartments are placed above the seats at a certain height (the distance between the seats and the compartments depends on which airplane you are flying with).

As a flight attendant, you have to reach those compartments in order to close and open it each time you have to secure the cabin for take-off or landing. So if you’re likely to have a small height, being in the shoes of a flight attendant could be really difficult. Therefore, airline companies are really serious about height when recruiting people.

Another reason for respecting the minimum requirements is that on certain airplanes, many of the emergency equipment are placed in these compartments. The equipment stored in there can be oxygen bottles, water or halon fire extinguishers used in the event of a fire, medical kits and other survival equipment. In an emergency situation, a few seconds matter so you have to be able to get them by yourself. You can’t waste your precious time getting help from a taller colleague.

That’s why most of the companies have a reach test, where you have to be barefoot, on tiptoes during recruitment days.

Take a look at the minimum height requirements for these following companies:

  • Ryanair – minimum 157 cm, maximum 188 cm
  • Wizz Air – minimum 165 cm for women, for men minimum 175 cm – with an arm reach of 210 cm while standing on tiptoes
  • Etihad Airways – minimum 212 cm  – you have to reach 212cm without shoes
  • Qatar Airways – minimum 212 cm  – you have to reach 212 cm on tiptoes, without shoes
  • Emirates – minimum 160 cm – you have to reach 212 cm while standing on tiptoes
  • Saudia Airlines – you have to reach 212 cm with your hand while standing on tiptoes
  • Fly Dubai – minimum 158 cm
  • British Airways  – minimum 158 cm, maximum 186 cm
  • Virgin Atlantic  – minimum 158 cm
  • Easyjet – minimum 158 cm, maximum 190 cm
  • Lufthansa – minimum 160 cm, maximum 195cm
  • Norwegian – minimum 160 cm
  • Volotea  – minimum 158 cm, maximum 190cm
  • Hainan Airlines  – you have to reach 212 cm with your hand while standing on tiptoes

Remember to always check carefully the requirements of your desired airline company before applying in order to see if you meet them. Recruiters are strict when verifying this aspect, therefore even if you are extremely prepared for this job, you won’t be able to pass the reach test because SAFETY comes first.

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