The story of our student Teodora: Her dream came true after her 6th interview!

Our student Teo is an example of ambition and persuasion, because she attended 6 interviews with an airline company and she never gave up. In the end she was contacted not from one, but the two biggest airline companies in the Middle East.

When did you first think you would like to be a flight attendant and what was hidden behind such a decision?

This happened somewhere around the first year of college. I always like to travel and to meet new nationalities, culture diversity, touristic places, everything you can see in one place and not in your country.

Of course, like any other person who fell in love with aviation, I saw many movies before, in which the life of a flight attendant was perfect from all perspectives. Normally, reality is never the same, that’s why last year I decided that I need to try and reach the point in which I would make the difference between what I saw in movies and what will happen to me.

Do you think your professional experience helped you until now?

I worked at a Call Center as a Customer Service Agent, not in English (the language we all speak as Cabin Crew) but in German. It helped me just for the simple fact that it taught me how to speak with the clients, to solve their problems in a useful time and to keep my calm.

How did you prepare for the interview with an airline company?

Firstly, I read, I searched information about how should I look and present myself before the recruiters. As you know, I participated at multiple interview with Middle East Companies and I am 100% sure that if I didn’t participated at your two preparation courses I couldn’t succeed.

You went at a Qatar Airways interview and you passed, but then you went as well at an Emirates intrerview and it was the same happy outcome. If it was to compare the two interviews, which one was the hardest? What task was the hardest for you?

Participating at 6 interviews, probably that a few months ago I would have said that the group task from Qatar Airways is the hardest. Now I’ve made up my mind. At the Emirates interview, I had the Role-play task (it was only my speaking with the 2 recruiters) which, from my point of view was the hardest. I had to give a solution for a problem, in a short period of time and I knew if my answer wasn’t correct I could fail again the Assessment Day. I had luck, I was very concentrated, very sure of my answer and then I received a big smile back from my recruiter, thing that made me to have more confidence till the end of the day.

What influence had on you the How to be Cabin Crew courses, what you read on our website and the interaction with the trainer team?

What I read on your website was extremely helpful, most importantly regarding my attire, the dress-code, make-up and everything about grooming. At the preparation course it was something else, I interacted with people who wanted the same thing as me and we exercised every single task that I encountered at the interviews I went. I am sure that if I didn’t attended your How to be Cabin Crew courses I couldn’t succeed in such a short period of time to reach my goal. Thank you so much!

What do you think, in your opinion, it is the biggest challenge for a Flight Attendant?

Each day has a new challenge, each flight, each passenger. Promptitude, calm and team spirit I think are the key elements in order to succeed in this job.

Tell me what are the 3 qualities a candidate should have, based on your experience?

The look, the first impact with the recruiter, he scans you from the first moment you walk on the door. The smile should be present each time on your face, the recruiter should see you are happy that you are there and that you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true through him/her, in a way or another. The third I would say is the way you communicate in English. Another advantage, from my view, represents knowing another language. Experience in customer-service counts very much, so, if you think about becoming a flight attendant, you should start working with people.

How did you spend your last months at home? Some special plans?

In my last months I spent them with my family and friends. I continued working till I left for UAE. I hadn’t had any special plans, I only went in a short trip in the mountains.

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How I discovered How to be cabin crew team & courses

When I first found How to be cabin crew on Facebook, I told myself “Oh nice, what’s this?”

I think I checked the whole Facebook page and after that I went on the website. I read the whole website for days, then I thought, ok, I’ll apply for a course, why not? I have nothing to lose. So I made a paypal account and paid my course.

For me was, ROME here I come! First time in Rome, first time in Italy. I was confused, will it help me? Am I made for the job ? Will there be a lot of students?

Saturday, on 9th of July 2016, my course started at 11am. I received a warm welcome from Anca and Georgiana, the lovely How to be cabin Crew team. They were SOOO nice, I felt comfortable immediately.

This course made me very confident also about my English, because English is not my first language, and my dear teacher Anca motivated to trust more in myself. I liked a lot the way she held the classes, how she taught us everything regarding the various interviews with airline companies, how she explained each step, how much attention she paid to each one of us.

She’s a very elegant women, and motivates you to obtain the job. Spending time with her for me was like I was already on the plane.

Now, after the course, I’m more motivated and I am feeling 100% confident. During the course, the word BRAVO of my dear teacher was a real BOOST.

Also, through this course I discovered which are my skills and how to underline them better. I did not know I was creative until I heard this from my teacher.

I would highly recommend this course to every person who wants to make his dream come true => BEING CABIN CREW . I’m sure I will get the cabin crew job soon, and will be soooo proud sending you a picture with me wearing my beautiful uniform.

Thanks a lot,

big hugs and kisses,


Feedback from our student Asma

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I attended the last Qatar Airways interview? When can I apply again?

This is the question we receive almost daily from you. What do you do if at failed the last Qatar Airways interview and now you want to apply again? Do you have to wait for 6 months or not?

Usually, Qatar Airways does not apply the famous “6 months rule” used by the Arabic airline companies such as Emirates or Etihad Airways. This rules says that if you failed an interview with these airlines you are banned from applying again for 6 months.

At Qatar Airways this rule of 6 months does NOT apply. This means that you can reapply anytime, if you didn’t succeed on the first time.

By example, it happened that Qatar Airways came to recruit in a certain weekend in one city in Italu and the following weekend in another city. We had students that went to the recruitment day in Rome, and didn’t pass the CV drop, but the next weekend went to Milan and managed to reach the final interview.

You can go in any country that you prefer for an interview. We had students that passed the final interview in Sofia, München or Milan. It is up to you where do you choose to go for an interview and what you think it suits you best.

I will give a hint: in Germany there arențy so many candidates for the Cabin Crew position. In addition, the English language is a strong point in this country. You can be lucky and go for an interview in Germany and see that, despite other coutries in Europe such as Italy, Serbia or Romania, where the applications are around some hundreds, there the competition to be maximum 20-40 persons. It can be a plus for you.

Therefore, there is NO 6 months rule at Qatar Airways. You can go anytime, the important thing is to be very well prepared, to have confidence in yourself and a pinch of luck.

Fingers crossed!

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Our student was recruited by three airline companies. Now she is cabin crew

It was in November 2014 when our student D. took off to Abu Dhabi. D. is one of the luckiest girls who successfully passed the interview with an important Middle East Company last fall.

How we got to know our student

We initially met last year in July, at the stewardesses’ party, organized by us on the occasion of the How to be cabin crew 1st anniversary. Soon after, in August, D. became our student at one of the preparation courses held by us monthly. She came to the course, got herself prepared, started to apply to the majority of the airlines recruiting in Romania (namely Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Ryanair and Flynas), and she was even recruited by three of them. Finally, she came to realize Etihad Airways is the company that suits her best.

Why cabin crew and not any other job?

I have chosen this job because, in my vision, is the only one that combines/merges/mixes up two essential things: the necessary with the pleasure. It doesn’t have the features of a normal job and I personally love everything which is out of the ordinary.

When did you decide to fly?

It was only this year when I’ve made up my mind that I want to fly. Being on my last year of university, studying foreign languages and having to interact with people of different nationalities and cultures, made be become more and more curious about how far I could go in order to succeed.

How did the interview with Etihad Airways go?

The interview went in a relaxed and natural manner. At every step, I felt continuously encouraged by the recruiters to be myself and speak freely. They acted kindly and funnily during the entire interview process and this permitted me to make a joke, while solving the ’’get to know each other’’ task. I was the sixty-six number and after introducing myself, following their model, I told them: ’’I’m lucky no 66 and I think I’m missing a six’’, which eased the atmosphere and stole them a smile along with a nice comment. The final interview, which occurred the next day, was peppered with smiles and jokes from their part. They warmly welcomed me, telling me I could relax, that the worst part had passed and a discussion was going to follow, so they could know me better. They asked me different types of questions: whether I have worked before in UAE or not, about me missing home and my knowledge regarding the Muslim culture, why Etihad, to tell them about a positive and a negative event concerning my customer service experience, whether I could adapt to an unusual work schedule, about what would be in my opinion the hardest thing for me to do, and the list goes on. The interview ended with a ‘see you soon’, which gave me the hope that everything went well.

You are among the lucky ones selected by more than one airline, following the interview. Why did you choose Etihad Airways?

It’s true that I’ve attended four interviews until now: Ryanair; Qatar; Etihad; Flynas and also that I’ve successfully obtained the cabin crew position with three of them. I chose Etihad Airways because of their open-mindedness and the opportunity to fly in almost every part of the world.

In what measure do you think what you’ve learned during the How to be cabin crew course helped you with the interview?

To participate in such a course was one of the most beautiful experiences. I had the pleasure to meet the team at the stewardesses’ cocktail and I was truly in love with the way the whole event was organized, the idea itself that there are people who really want to help us, and there were also guests who came particularly to speak us. This thing determined me to choose to come to the preparation course and, even if I wasn’t scared about my English or how I should act when it comes to customer service, I had great lacks concerning grooming and attitude.

I have learned how to temper myself, correct my mistakes, look at least almost perfect on the day of the interview, and all this due to the incredible way I’ve succeeded to combine through practice and attention the things learned at course. It was a relaxed atmosphere, the group games were a pleasure, and the attention given by the team to every one of us was priceless. Anca was always attentive to our way of expressing ourselves in English, Nicoleta was challenging us with different and different questions, and Georgiana was monitoring our every movement, so that everything could go well in the end. The most beautiful part of this course was that I managed to keep in touch with the How to be cabin crew team. On this occasion, I would like to thank them from the bottom of my soul for my success.

How do you see relocating/re-homing to a Muslim country? What do you think about Abu Dhabi?

I am amazed about the idea of new and I see relocating as a challenge, both from cultural and gastronomical point of view. Abu Dhabi is a luxurious and rich town, the high temperatures enchant me, as I love the warm weather, and this constitutes an advantage of the town. I hope the accommodation will be easy, although I am sure I will miss my family and friends I love so much. But now it’s my time to grow and do what I have always dreamt, to travel.

What is your advice for those ready to attend an interview?

My advice for those who want a career as cabin crew is to read with attention the interview requirements and the opinions of those who have already participated in an interview, concerning the questions and tasks required, to practice their English, and for a full success, to join a How to be cabin crew preparation course (the following day everything will seem to them easier, and to me, the individual feedback offered is priceless). Yet, the most important thing is the smile, along with a little bit of personality, and they will surely not fail.

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The cabin crew job interview. How do you impress the recruiters?

Most candidates complain that they do not know exactly what recruiters are looking for, when selecting new employees. True, there is no standard profile or recipe for success when it comes to the interview, but there are some tips that any future cabin crew should consider when applying for this job.

How does a future cabin crew persuade recruiters?

1. Appearance

Details make a difference, and the image of a cabin crew is extremely important because it mirrors the company’s image. So, make sure that for the interview your look flawless ,you respect the dress code and feel comfortable in your clothes. We have already thoroughly described, in one of our articles, the way you should dress for the interview, so you may get your inspiration from there.

2. CV

Your CV should represent you, speak for you and not be too long. During our How to be cabin crew courses, we are reviewing each candidate’s CV so that they don’t encounter any problems at the interview. A well structured, consistent, businesslike CV will make a difference to the recruiters.

3. You already know what answers to give

Questions are somewhat standardised at the interview, so, it’s a good idea to have some ready-made answers, not to be forced to formulate them on the spot, when emotions are already playing tricks on you and make you go out of words. Make a list of potential questions and answers and do not let the recruiters surprise you.

4. Enthusiasm

It’s what you shouldn’t miss for the interview. It’s your main weapon, the one that proves the recruiters how much you want this job. Show them your enthusiasm, be blithe during the interview and no matter how tired you are, do not let that show.

5. Humour and a contagious smile

It is advisable to have humour and a detached approach, without taking it to the extreme. Don’t make bad jokes, but know when to make those around you smile, recruiters included. Smile from the heart and do not forget that “a smile brings a smile”

6. Ask intelligent questions

At the cabin crew final interview, recruiters might request you should ask them something. Make sure you know what you want to ask. Some examples might be:

  • What advice would you give a future cabin crew?
  • What would be, in their opinion, the biggest challenge for a flight attendant?
  • What is the company’s development strategy? (unless they have already been mentioned in the initial presentation of the company)

Good luck, and see you among the clouds!

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