“If you are truly you, the recruiters will see that”

Mihai attended our cabin crew preparation training and a few months after he finshed it, he joined an important airline company from the Middle East. From this interview you can find out more about Mihai and the steps he followed in order to fulfill his dream of flying.

When did you decide to become a Cabin Crew and why did you chose this job?

I had this idea from a long time ago, especially when I was a student and I traveled to USA and I loved the thought to do this every day. But always it seemed like something hard to achieve or that it is impossible. But I found a job, in a management position, which promised a lot, but of which I was very disappointed and I couldn’t imagine myself doing that every single day for the next years. One day, when I came from work, I said I wouldn’t continue like that, I took a piece of paper which was actually a paycheck from the current job and I wrote “Find out what you wanna do with your f’in life!” (Yes, very dramatic, but that’s how it was). I posted myself in front of my laptop, I searched male stewards and I came across your website.

How was the interview? What was the hardest task?

The interview was ok. I saw so many persons before the interview that were speaking very well English, with the best posture, the perfect candidate from the first glance. But after the tasks have started, the little details learned at your preparation course made the difference and I could anticipate who will fail and who will pass. The recruiter was very friendly, but also very strict. Yes, in my case was only one recruiter. The hardest task was the final interview. Till that moment, if you had solid knowledge about what the Cabin Crew position means and the recruiter saw that, you could pass. For the final interview, I stayed more than one hour and a half, time in which she wrote every single thing I said and insisted everywhere she could find more details about me. In the end, it came out great for me!

What influence had on you our How to be Cabin Crew courses and website?

As I said above, a pretty big influence. I read in many forums, blogs and YouTube channels about what and how you should do, but the little details made the difference. Details that are not known about many persons and which you could not find on the internet. I had so many emotions because it was a serious competition, in my case we were 20 boys, and I remained only myself!

Why do you think the recruiters choose you? Which were your strong-points at the interview?

A relaxed attitude is essential. But is a difference between relaxed and indifferent. The attitude and an authentic smile, to be truly enthusiastic of the fact that you are there. Those people are doing this every day, recruiting, so they will tell the difference between a forced smile and an authentic one. At the same time, to not have major gaps in your CV. As I was saying, she asked me everything it is possible, from all the questions found on the internet, to details of everything I said, from CV, and not only. If something is not in accordance with what you say, your CV and everything, the recruiter could tell very easily and that’s final for you. I think it helped me very much my experienced in USA, where I had to work with different nationalities came from different backgrounds, and the fact that I traveled alone and I was a long time on my one.

In a short time you will start a new life. How do you think it will be?

Easy will not be, for sure. I will miss my family, friends and everything I will let behind, but after all I wanted this and it’s a unique occasion. If not now, when? I expect to have a culture-shock for a while, but it is normal after all. I am very curious, but also excited about this new chapter of my life.

What do you think is the best joy of a Cabin Crew?

Beside the occasion of meeting so many people that you will remember a lifetime, personally I think the experiences and memories made. Both in the air and on the ground. It is enough to do something that many will not have the occasion to do, and others only dream about a life like this. And now it is the perfect moment to do it.

What advice do you have for the ones who will participate at our interview preparation courses, considering your experience?

Smile and be authentic. From the moment you arrive at the hotel, you must be polite with everyone, especially the employees. Socialize with the rest of the candidates. Don’t watch the rest as your direct competition. If you are truly you, the recruiters will see that, will appreciate it and you will have an advantage in front of the others.


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