Cabin crew interview: What is an Assessment Day?

An Assessment Day is a very complex process. It can last one or two days, and has many levels you need to pass through in order to reach the final interview. After each level, there is an elimination round. The ground rule is: succeed and go further in the process; fail and go home.

Who can attend an Assessment Day?

Anyone who has filled in the on-line application and has been shortlisted by the company can attend an Assessment Day. Also, successful candidates from the Open Day will be invited for the AD.

What to wear for Assessment Day?

Each time you go to an interview your attire should be flawless. In this specific case, you should make sure you match the company’s concept. By correlating your outfit with the airline’s uniform, you will make it easier for the employer to see you as a part of their team.

How long will it last?

In most cases, the Assessment Day starts at 9 am and is over by 6 pm. Try to arrive on time, if not some minutes earlier. Do not let the anxiety and nervousness take control. You should remember it’s only you who can prove you are the best candidate for the position. So, pull yourself together and show the recruiters you deserve the job.

Also, it is advised you eat and sleep well before the interview. You can bring some snacks with you and you can eat during the breaks, if you feel like it. 

The recruiting process

First, all the candidates will be gathered in a room where the recruiters will make a short presentation of the company. Pay attention, be interested and courious. Don’t talk, text or look bored!

Afterwards you will be asked to hand in your resume and other documents. The recruiter may ask you 1 or 2 questions like “How do you feel”, “Why did you choose this airline”, Why do you want to be a flight attendant?”

English Test

You will be given a Basic English Test. It can come with multiple choice questions and possibly an essay. If you have a medium level of English, you won’t have a problem.

Reach test

You will be asked to remove your shoes, raise yout arm to maximum while on tip-toes. You need to reach 2,12 m (for Emirates & Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways). You can take off your jacket if you need more room to stretch.

An elimination round can take place after this part. Keep your smile with you 🙂

Group exercise

As remaining candidates, you will be divided in groups and will be assigned with a task. You will have a certain amount of time (5-10 minutes), and afterwards you will be asked to present the solution you came up with as a team. There are no wrong or correct answers. The recruiters want to know if you are a team player, especially with people that you have just met.

Another round of elimination will follow. Remain relaxed and smile a lot!

Final interview

Remaining candidates will be invited to attend the final interview, which can take place that day or the day after. This final step might take the form of a classic one-on-one interview or a two-on-one interview – i.e. 2 recruiters, 1 candidate.

Possible Final Interview Questions at Assessment Day:

  • How long were you employed with your last employer?
  • Do you enjoy flying?
  • How do you handle stress well on the job?
  • How long are you willing to work with us?
  • Describe a time when you had a conflict with a coworker – how did you handle it?
  • Do you enjoy serving people?


Good luck!

How to be Cabin Crew team

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