Future cabin crew: ’’It was thanks to you that I regained the trust in myself’’

We met Raluca in September 2014, at one of our cabin crew courses. Raluca is the sort of girl happy most of the time, kind and friendly to those around her. However, she came to the course with a huge problem: the lack of confidence in herself. She was constantly saying that she wouldn’t pass the interview, being almost always overwhelmed by the emotions she couldn’t control, and also that her English level is not the best. To say the truth, she did express some emotions, but during the course she has learned how to surpass them and look with confidence into recruiters’ eyes. About her English, at that time she was already good enough at speaking it, and the written tests only confirmed us that her level was well above average. Once again, the lack of trust in herself made her see things much worse than they were in reality.

What happened with Raluca? In October, she attended an interview with one of the Middle East companies, successfully passed all of the tests, reached the final interview, and on the 1st of January, she received her DOJ. (Date of Join – the day on which she will fly to her new “home”). And she wasn’t the only one who made it, as her colleagues from the preparation course will be her colleagues there too. All of them have passed the interview they were so afraid of.cabin crew preparation
This is what Raluca has written to us about her experience at the course and the impact the interview preparation had on her:

’’What could be greater than a feedback along with good news?
You are wonderful, I will always be grateful to you, due to you I regained the trust in myself, I surpassed my fears, I continued to dream until my dream came true.

When I found out about the How to be cabin crew course, I told to myself that I MUST join it. Based on what you read on the Internet, some articles and opinions really conflict with each other, nothing seemed concrete to me anymore, when I was just getting an idea about something, soon I was finding myself reading something else and this whole thing got me confused.
Four intensive days. Every day was something special. We had a new guest every day. With each day passing, we were closer to our dream.

We had the honour of spending three of the days with the trainer, a great lady with more than ten years of experience in aviation, both as a flight attendant and a recruiter. The trainers amazed us with their experiences and advices, as well as Aida Chivu, the HR Specialist, who taught us that what we may consider our weaknesses, may be perceived by the others as qualities.

Getting to know people who work in this field is fantastic. Hearing their stories is amazing/enchanting/touching. Receiving their advices is priceless!
We have been through all of the stages of the recruitment interview, we insisted there where it was necessary, we have learned that even the smallest details matter. At the end, we received a feedback – so that every one of us be aware of the things that still require hard work and practice. In just four days we have met different people, every one special in his own way, we have built friendships…☺

On the third day of the course, we found out that in less than a month an important Middle East company would come to recruit in Romania. I still remember Anca, standing at the desk, with a smile on her lips, timidly interrupting us from the presentation and telling us about ‘the big news’. For more than ten minutes the whole room was covered in excitement, in the air you could feel emotion, agitation and impatience. It seemed like everyone became even more concentrated.
At the moment, many of us who attended the cours in September are very close to our dreams. Ther
e’s so little tim…and we are optimistic!

cabin crew preparationTherefore, Anca and Georgiana, I thank you for everything, thank you for pushing us hard, for encouraging us, for teaching us! Thank you for those four amazing days! Congratulations and keep up the good work!’’

May your sky be bright, Raluca!

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