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necessary for applying to ANY airline company

When you apply for a cabin crew position, the CV plays an extremely important role. Based on it, you can receive an invitation for an Assessment Day or you can be sent home. Therefore, before attending any airline interview, make sure your CV is flawless and meets the airline requirements.


How to be Cabin Crew team can prepare a perfect cabin crew CV. A well-structured, relevant and neat CV it’s what makes a difference in front of the recruiters.


Our team members have reviewed thousands of CVs of future cabin crew, so you are on good hands. We know what the airline companies are looking for and how to make that exceptional résumé that pops out of the pile.


How it works?

In order for us to review your CV, after you add this product to your cart, we ask you to fill in a form with all the necessary information.


For completing the form you need:

a draft of your CV in English

one passport size photo (optional, in case you already have one; if not you can attach it to the CV later on)

payment completed

In 3 working days after your payment is completed you will receive a perfect cabin crew CV that you can use to apply for any airline company!

cabin crew CV

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