“In two days I found out what others can’t in a lifetime” – feedback from How to be Cabin Crew’s course in Chisinau

Every time we go to Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, we are beautifully welcomed by the lovely atmosphere made by our students. The feedback received after each course is the thing that keeps making us come back.

Needless to say that a lot of our students who are now flying are from Chisinau. That’s why we can’t stop organizing courses there! Here is a part of our latest’s course there:


“It was a pleasure to participate in this course. In two days I found out what others can’t in a lifetime. Now I understand that I made the best decision regarding my future cabin crew career. I found out everything is to know about this job. It was a real pleasure to meet this team. I want to thank the professional team from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance, wish you good luck and I can’t wait to send you pictures with me in the cabin crew uniform.

Warm regards, 



“I want to thank the entire team for these two amazing days full of warmth and new information. It was the most relaxing and pleasant course I have participated until now. I don’t regret all those 2.000 km made to come to Chisinau.


“Coming to this course was the best decision I made. I learned how important is communication and getting involved in group exercises. I gained much information in only two days and for this, thank you!

Big hugs, 



“Thank you How to be Cabin Crew for the caring attitude, perseverance and patience. I didn’t think it’s possible to evolve so much in such a short time. Because of you, I have succeeded. Thank you! “


“Thank you a lot for your patience, your hard work and charisma!

It was a pleasure and an exceptional honour to be here this weekend and learn so many interesting, helpful and fascinating things about cabin crew’s life.

Thank you Rucsandra and Georgiana for this amazing opportunity.

I am thrilled to have you, beautiful women as role models and source of inspiration.

Much love from Chisinau,



“How to be Cabin Crew’s course was the best class I’ve attended ever. It made me see my childhood dream come true. 

Big hugs, 



We prepare you to pass any airline interview:

1. Join our two days course in Madrid, Chișinau or London in which you’ll find everything you have to know about aviation, the interview and the stages of it. We will make sure you go prepared to your Open Day or Assessment Day! Also, we will also make you a perfect cabin crew CV and we will be with you during your entire journey to the skies. Details and registration here.


2. If you want to have a broad overview of the role and duties of cabin crew, airline companies profiles, stages of each airlines’ interview and how to pass them, we are waiting for you at our courses. We make your perfect cabin crew CV & pictures, we help you gain confidence and learn how to speak in public, so you will have a flawless performance at your cabin crew interview. Details and registration here.


3. If you cannot attend our courses, regardless of where in the world you are located, we can work together privately. Through coaching sessions via web video (Skype or Google Hangouts), our trainers can work with you to improve your performance at the cabin crew interview and supporting you every step of the way to get you where you want to be. More details here

Cabin Crew interview preparation course in Rome: May, 6-7

How to be Cabin Crew team will host a two day intensive training in Rome, this May. Our course will prepare you for the various Cabin Crew application and interview stages with major airline companies, ensuring you are successfully recruited as Cabin Crew.

You dream of being a flight attendant, but do you know how to become one?

Do you know what you need to learn before starting your career?

There are some simple steps you need to take into consideration before you start. And we are here to give you all the information! How to be Cabin Crew course will help you build confidence and learn how to approach an interview. We provide full guidance and advice on how to prepare for, and pass, the interview stages.
cabin crew course

By attending the How to be cabin crew conference, you will:

•Gain a better understanding of the steps you need to take in order to apply for a cabin crew job

•Find out exactly what the airlines are looking for when they recruit

•Find out the flight attendant requirements in 2017

•Find out how to apply for a cabin crew job

•Learn how to make an impressive CV & pictures for the interview

•Gain an insight into the selection testing and interview process

•Stand out from other candidates applying for a cabin crew position

•Practise all the stages of the interview

•Dramatically increase your chances of being selected

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Prepare for take off !

What will you learn during?

Our course will cover the following key areas to help you prepare for your cabin crew interview:

• Self presentation – how to stand out from the crowd 

• Behaviour – the right approach for all the tasks at the interview

• Team work – how to deal with group exercises

• Body language 

• Group activities – practice, not theory! 

• Final interview simulation

• Interview Q & A’s

• Individual feedback for each student


WHEN: Rome, 6-7th May 2017

WHERE: Rome, Trastevere English School, Viale di Trastevere 108

WHAT: How to be Cabin Crew 2 day intensive training

PRICE: 250 EUR / 2 day course


The How to be Cabin Crew course offers the future cabin crew the possibility to interact with highly experienced professionals in the aviation industry, discuss about their career plans and find out valuable information regarding the flight attendant job.

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*limited seats

The How to be cabin Crew has significant experience in helping people like you to be successfully recruited as Cabin Crew. Our course is all you need to be successfully recruited by the airlines!

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How to be cabin crew students