Lufthansa is hiring flight attendants

Lufthansa is hiring new flight attendants at Frankfurt and Munich. The new flight attendants will be employed for a full year but will only be on active duty in the summer months in order to meet the increased demand for staff at that time of year. Contracts will run for 18-24 months with the option to extend once, up to a maximum of 2 years.

According to Lufthansa, you can also combine the job with your own personal interests: fly around the world for 3 or 6 months and have 3 or 6 months off – a unique opportunity. During this time you receive your monthly salary until the end of your limited contract and also have social insurance for the entire period. In your free months you can travel the world, continue further studies and much more.


You will fly short, medium and long-haul routes from Frankfurt or Munich


  •   Professional service and comprehensive training
  •   Length of training period: approx. 12 weeks including three apprenticeship flights on board.     You will begin preparing yourself for the classroom training by completing an online pre-course (web-based training).
  •   Flat-rate training salary: a total of € 1,240.- will be paid in adequate monthly installments (pro    rata temporis)


  •   Limited work contract (18 or 24 months) with a further 2-year extension option
  •   50% part-time model: 3 or 6 months active flying, 3 or 6 months free time
  •   3- or 6-month flight phase starting after the completion of your training
  •   Salary: € 925.- basic salary per month (the salary is paid every month for 12 months)+ € 301.55   shift bonus in the active months, in free months you will only receive the basic salary
  •   Social insurance for the entire time period
  •   Fixed yearly vacation bonus of € 511.43
  •   Additional absence money per flight day: € 42.00 for continental and € 48.00 for intercontinental routes (partially eligible to tax and social income taxes)
  •   Vacation entitlement 18 calendar days per year, which should be taken at the beginning or the end of the active period



  • Opportunity for you, your family, and your spouse/companion to buy reduced fare tickets (after six months)
  •   Lufthansa partakes in your uniform costs
  •   Many offers for qualified further education
  •   Special rates from numerous hotels and car rental agencies



  •   Completed school education
  •   Fluent in German and English
  •   Minimum age: 18 years
  •   Minimum height: 1.60 m and appropriate weight
  •   Passport without restrictions, minimum validity 12 months
  •   Visual acuity between +/- 5 diopter
  •   The maximum diopter level before a laser operation may only be +/- 5. The laser operation must have taken place at least 6 months before the flight fitness test.
  •   No visible tattoos or piercings
  •   Good swimming skills
  •   Willingness to do shiftwork and to work abroad
  •   For the training: you will need a notebook with WLAN and Flash, internet access DSL or equivalent. You will have to print out your training documents before the training starts.
  •   High level of service orientation
  •   Sociable, strong communicative skills, and team-capable
  •   Friendly demeanor and well-groomed appearance
  •   Intercultural competence
  •   Sense of duty even in stressful situations, diplomatic even in difficult situations
  •   Independent, committed, and proactive
  •   Sense of responsibility and dependability

You can apply online at: under “Jobs” – “Flight Attendant (m/f)”.