What means and what happens at an Open Day?

Airline companies are organizing frequently Open Day session recruitments when they want to hire flight attendants. Find out more about what means this kind of recruitment and what documents you need to have with you.

What means an Open Day?

The Open Day is a recruitment event where you can participate without any invitation from the airline company. Usually, the airline company asks you to register before the event, but this is not mandatory, it is up to you if you want to do it or not.

At an Open Day interview you will be present at the hotel where the recruitment will take place with your asked documentations and with lots of patience.

“An open day is available to anyone who meets our criteria. An invitation to attend is NOT necessary. The locations, dates and details of these assessments are updated on our website and also advertised in local media. Should you meet the criteria during registration, you may be required to stay for the whole day and asked to return the next day for an interview.” –Etihad Airways

What will happen at an Open Day?

When you will arrive at the hotel, you will certainly be surprised at the big number of candidates. Often, the candidates will be invited into the conference room where will be presented by the company a short movie about them and the city where they are based. This step is about 20-30 minutes maximum and it’s followed by a series of questions and answers.

After the questions and answers are finished, each candidate will leave his/her CV along with the other documents requested and the recruiter will ask them one or two questions.

The questions from the CV drop are based on your CV, or similar to: Why Cabin Crew? Why our company? What are you working at the moment?

After this step, each candidate will receive a number to keep for the whole day.

Following the analysis of the CV and the short discussion with the recruiter, you will receive or not an invitation for the actual interview (Assessment Day). You can receive the invitation on the spot, through email or phone, it is not an exact rule.

What follows after an Open Day?

After the CV drop, the selected candidates will receive details about the Assessment Day. Each Open Day it is followed by an Assessment Day. At the last Open days organized by Qatar Airways or Etihad Airways in Romania, the Assessment Day took place the following day.

What documents do you need to have at you?

Etihad Airways

2 copies of your CV. This must be up to day.

2 passport type photos

Registration form completed.


Qatar Airways/Emirates


Passport copy(the page with your picture)

One passport type photo

One full-size photo

A copy of your last education graduation.


Good luck!


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