Diana and her motivation to become Cabin Crew

I couldn’t even know how to start Diana’s story. I admit that in the moment I read what I wrote I felt very happy, because I’ve never known her motivation of becoming a Flight Attendant. Just now, almost 10 months after I met her, I found out the real reason why she wanted to prepare with us and why she fought so hard to become a Cabin Crew. I let you read her story, it’s a sincere one and truly emotional.

“I know that most people want a career in aviation due to the desire of travelling the world, having a fulfilling life, in which no other day is the same as the next one. I will be honest, I wished to become a flight attendant for financial reasons. Yes, I admit, I arrived at a point in my life where my actual job offered few financial perspectives, and the situation at home wasn’t so pink. I had two parents closed to retiring, a bank loan and a long list of things that were asking rapidly to be resolved. I know, doesn’t sound so optimistic, but this was my current status back then. I woke up alone, having to take care of the financial situation of my family, concerned in the same time for the present and the future of my parents. For me, my family is extremely important and it’s the engine that keeps me alive. And with my ‘fabulous’ salary which allowed me to have a decent life but not more than that, I knew I didn’t have something to offer.

So I had to brace up and I thought what can I do?! Two of my best friends were already Flight Attendants for an airline company in the Middle East and I knew how much they won, what monthly salary enters in their pockets, what expenses they have, and how much they get to save every month. I thought to follow their example, mostly from a financial perspective, not especially for the glamorous life, full of travels and luxury. I didn’t know anything about this domain, I knew only that I wanted to go to one interview and to pass it, to not arrive in the situation to apply over and over again in order to be accepted. I admit, sometimes I put a big pressure on myself and I want performance more than anything. Therefore, in a few weeks, I made my homework about what will I do in order to pass successfully the interview with an airline company.

On the 13th, in a Wednesday, I registered to How to be Cabin Crew preparation course. I laughed and I said I will confront my bad luck – 13! I admit, I thought 3 weeks before making this step: to go, to not go, what if I pay the money for the course and I don’t get hired, what will I do? I admit, I was a little bit skeptical, again from financial reasons. My mother told me direct: “Diana, if you don’t take any risk, success won’t come. So go, invest money in your education, and after you’ll have the chance earn a 10 times higher salary.” It had sense what my mother told me, so I bet my money + a new suit for the interview.  Now, when I write this text I gain a salary of approximately 3000 $ monthly, I am happy flight attendant, my parents are financially safe and I smile everyday. 

I don’t know if I can put into words what I experienced/learned at your preparation course. It was probably the most beautiful experience before starting my aviation career. Only my first flight as Cabin Crew succeeded to overcome this experience. I felt that I truly invested in my personal development, and everything that I learned in those days with you at the course had been so helpful for me. I understood what my strong points are and what are my weaknesses, I learned to make an amazing personal presentation that makes me shine at the interview, I tested my English vocabulary in a series of situations more and more difficult and challenging, and most important, I had in front of me an example of a strong person, which succeeded to have a beautiful career in aviation. Our trainer had almost 10 years in aviation and she is an amazing women, teacher and friend. I admit, I was inspired by her story, her determination to fight for a job like this, how she succeeded to make a career out of this and how she knows to be close to her students and to offer them the best there is. When I arrived home in the afternoon, after 8-10 hours at the course, I stayed with my mother another 2 hours to tell her what I learned, about the tasks I had to take, about my colleagues, and my face was always full of joy. I finally found myself, I discovered how beautiful it is to work in a team and to do something motivating. In those days I simply got my wings and I had so much confidence in myself.

Georgiana, one of the girls from How to be Cabin Crew team, told me from the first day “you have the cabin Crew lipstick, you look amazing” and I knew I blushed like a kid. I wouldn’t know how to thank Anca and Georgiana for the passion they put in this project and for the way in which they get attached to us. The girls have something special (and I think every student can confirm this), and with my confession I hope that both will understand (at least a part) the immense joy they brought in me and how grateful I am for what they have done.

After almost 8 months of flying, I overcome all my financial fears and permanent concerns towards the future. Not only because I have a salary that gives me confidence and makes me smile when I read my statement account, but because today I got so much confidence in myself that nobody could take that away from me. I know if I start again from 0, I would have the strength to get over any obstacle and to stand straight. Aviation is a domain that teaches you to be a winner.

Courage darlings, the future has big plans for each one of us!”


  • Podduturu peeraiah
    Posted at 18:54h, 23 January Reply

    Happy life and happy journey

  • Beatriz elonga
    Posted at 14:40h, 23 February Reply

    Wow thank you so much!!! You’re a great inspiration 🤩 I just applied for cabin crew at Qatar 🇶🇦
    I wish to be a cabin crew like u, you’re so grateful and humble 🙏🏾 May God bless you 💓

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