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How to be Cabin Crew team will host a two day intensive training in Madrid, this March. Our course will prepare you for the various Cabin Crew applications and interview stages with major airline companies, ensuring you are successfully recruited as Cabin Crew....

Most airline companies don't require people to have experience in aviation, but they expect that candidates have a series of qualities and skills that fit with the cabin crew requirements. Some of those are communication, teamwork, fast adaptability in emergency situations, client orientation, good time...

The cabin crew job doesn't mean only beautiful uniforms, impeccable make-up, red lipstick and perfect bun. Man can also play a huge part in the aviation industry and not only by being pilots....

The lipstick is very important for a flight attendant. The grooming standards have to be strictly respected no matter which company you represent. The same is for the makeup. It is mandatory to wear a perfect, natural make-up....