Andreea’s story, from WIZZ Air cabin crew to Etihad Airways

Andreea, with her long blonde hair and those blue eyes you get lost in, stepped in our classroom in the summer of 2021. Her dream was to wear the pink WIZZ Air uniform and she came to us to prepare her for this job. Shortly after, she passed all the interview tests and announced us that she is going to wear the uniform of her dreams.

Time has passed and after a wonderful start in aviation with the WIZZ family, the time has come for Andreea to take the next step in her career up in the clouds. Since January 2023, she joined the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways and moved to Abu Dhabi. Below you can read the story of her journey from a dream to the most beautiful reality.


  1. Tell us how your career in aviation began

I always dreamed of being a flight attendant and I knew that aviation was my place, that place that becomes home and work at the same time, taking into consideration the fact that you spend more time flying than in your own home. My career started with a simple decision to attend an interview with no expectations, just to see what the airline expects. A spur of the moment decision.that changed my whole life.

  1. What did you do to get the job?

In August 2021 I decided to go to a Wizz Air interview in Bucharest, where there were 175 candidates, 5 being chosen. I never expected to pass, but I knew I was well prepared for each test after practicing everything in the How to become Cabin Crew course. So a day after the interview, I found out that I was chosen. Aviation chose me, I have never seen myself other than on a plane around the world, in uniform, bringing a smile on people’s faces. And I did it! But I will always admit and tell everyone that without you, I wouldn’t have succeeded! You gave me the confidence I needed and you are a part of this wonderful stage of my life.


  1. You started your career at Wizz Air – what did you learn during that time, working for a low cost company?

I made the decision to work in another country, to get out of my comfort zone. After a year of work and experiences, I am totally changed. I met different types of people and experienced the most beautiful flights of my life, together with absolutely wonderful colleagues. I was very lucky!

It was an absolutely fascinating experience, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, because I learned to overcome challenges on my own, every day, considering that no day in aviation is the same.


  1. How did you decide to switch from WIZZ Air to Etihad Airways?

Aviation is different in the Middle East and my biggest dream was to work in the East. There you can really see the world, you travel, it is a much more developed environment, but you also need to face a very big challenge, where you have to adapt to another culture, another lifestyle, being far from your family. I got this chance and I am ready to really know myself in such major changes.


  1. How was the Etihad Airways interview?

Getting the flight attendant job with Etihad Airways was a very long process but I enjoyed every step as I felt that this is where I belong. The first 2 stages were online, where we had a test with the other candidates, where we answered various questions about aviation. The way we express ourselves was very important, the body language, if we listen to others and so on. Later, there was an individual stage with a recruiter where we would talk for a few minutes based on a given word. I had “Aircraft” (What could be more beautiful than that?!)

In addition, I was asked to stand up, the way I dressed myself was the point and also the way I presented myself, as well as if there were any visible tattoos.

A week later, after I passed the first stage, I had the role-play test and an interview based on the CV.

Two weeks later I was invited to Abu Dhabi for another assessment day with 50 people from all over the world, 12 being chosen. The tests were similar to the online ones, with the addition of the group test. I was the first generation invited to the Etihad center, where it was the most beautiful experience of my life.

I always repeated to myself “I am here to get it, not to try it!” That’s why I smiled the whole day, I was positive, I enjoyed every stage. The longest and most beautiful interview of my life.

  1. How do you feel when you fly, is it true that flying is addictive?

Flying is the most beautiful feeling, it’s hard to find the right words for what I feel every time I take off or land. But what I know for sure is that I’m always smiling and grateful for this chance to live my dream.


  1. What role did How to become Cabin Crew Academy play in your journey to the clouds?

People have many resources to achieve great things, but they don’t know how to use them. That’s why there are wonderful people like you, who helped me bring out my strengths, suitable for this job.


  1. What advice would you give to “How to become Cabin Crew” readers who want to follow your example and work as flight attendants?

Go to as many interviews as possible! If you can’t make it, it’s not the time, but that doesn’t mean the best isn’t waiting for you. Learn to be patient!

I have a lot of failed interviews which helped me a lot to be confident for Etihad.

So every failure actually prepares you for what you dreamed of and what is yours. I advise you to fail in order to gain the best for your future later!


  1. Do you have a message for our team?

I will always say that I discovered you first, then aviation. Never stop showing people how beautiful it is to fly and that nothing is impossible if they really want to, they just need to meet you!

I am grateful for every kind word and all the support I have received. Hug you and see you in the clouds!


    Posted at 15:41h, 10 May Reply

    My dream job. God kindly see me through this time round

    Posted at 15:42h, 10 May Reply

    My dream job. Help me God.

    Posted at 15:45h, 10 May Reply

    Etihad airways my dream job
    Since I was a child , I have longed to be a cabin crew

  • Justus Karitambira Nayebare
    Posted at 16:16h, 21 August Reply

    Your story is amazing,May God bless you for that.

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