“Always have a big smile on your face!” – Our former student who is now Cabin Crew in the Middle East

Every time I have the opportunity to write about the story of one of our How to be Cabin Crew students that fulfilled his/her dream of flying, I realize how many beautiful things I can learn from each of them. Every student is a new lesson for us, because his/her unique story, his/her way of seeing life is different, and the way they succeeded shows us that nothing is impossible if you work for it.

Meet Alexandra, who now flies for one of the most important companies in the Middle East. She went to the airline interview on 21 august 2016, and 4 months later packed her bags and left Romania for Middle East. She was reserved at first, without so much confidence in herself, but she knew that everything we want can become real.  And so it is that at the end of 2016 her dream has become real.

*Alexandra followed our How to be Cabin Crew course in the period 9 – 12 June 2016 in Bucharest.

When was your first thought about becoming a Cabin Crew and what motivated you to choose this career?

During the two decades of my life I tried to explore more and more things in order to find out what will make me smile the most, I experienced from makeup to acting. But in my first year of university, I realized how perfect my life could be if I were a flight attendant. Back then, I thought that in order to have this career you need to go to an aviation school. I remember I searched for information and I asked some persons that told me my height is not accepted, and the school I found was in Bucharest, and I was in Cluj.

After a break of 2 years, after finishing my University, I moved to Bucharest for my master’s degree. I was following How to be Cabin Crew website for a long time ago and I think I read your articles a thousand times. This was what motivated me the most: You. I remember how one day I braced myself, I called Anca, I was shaking and my confidence was very low.

What did you know about this job before going to the interview? What attracted you most?

What I knew was vast information read on your website. Different stories, experiences, but not so many details.  In Bucharest, I started working in customer service and I enjoyed it. I thought that I can combine this with my passion for travelling. I was thinking that I am a dynamic person and easily adaptable and I will succeed in having a career as Cabin Crew. I started looking with admiration to the Flight Attendants when I was travelling and I remember once saying that: “This is how I will be!”

How did you prepare for the interview with an airline company? How many interviews did you attend before succeeding?

The How to be Cabin Crew course had done for me more than I could think of. Other than information about the airline company you apply for, it matters a lot how you present yourself at the interview, mentally and physically. I tend to believe that this course helped me to invest more in myself and to be more confident. I participated at the interview on 21 august 2016, the response was positive and they moved very fast. After 2 weeks I was already doing my medical analysis and I was making sure everything is good. I found out that another important Middle East company will come to recruit in Romania too, at the end of October 2016 so I decided to go there as well. I also succeeded there, but they told us we will find out the answer in December. On 16 November I had the leave date for the first company, I postponed it 2 times, hoping that I will find out an answer from the other one. But it wasn’t meant to be, so, on 14 December I made the big change in my life.

What influence had on you our How to be Cabin Crew courses, what you read on our website and the interaction with our trainers?

How to be Cabin Crew courses: other than the significant quantum of information that I accumulated, it helped me to discover a better version of myself. It made me believe in myself. I remember that our trainer, after the English test, told me: “you have what it takes, you can apply to any airline company, but you need to have more confidence in yourself” So yes, it helped me a lot, I came mistrustful and I left thinking “Don’t call it a dream, make it a plan”

Why do you think the recruiters chose you out of hundreds of applicants?

It matters a lot what you transmit, your face mimic says it all. You must be confident in yourself, to give clear answers, without any pause. Probably they saw that I wanted this very much and that I worked for it. And very important: always, but always, have a big smile on your face!

Any advice for future Cabin Crew?

Be yourself! Be always optimistic, smiley and confident. Start with the premises that everything is possible. We attract what we think of.

A message for How to be Cabin Crew team.

I hope that you will grow from year to year even more. And make more dreams come true.

I will always appreciate you,


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