Punctuality. The key in aviation

“Time is money” is a slogan that adapts to any situation from everyday life, but when it comes to aviation any extra minutes that keep a plane on ground forces the company to take money out of their pocket. The same thing we can say about the cabin crew job: regardless of the employer company, there is a timetable that you have to follow with Holiness, and when it comes to punctuality, I can honestly say that means 90% of your business card. The story makes me to have already gone through this experience, and in the following I will tell you briefly my experience which has become a timeless:

It was my first month flying for Emirates and I had just landed in Dubai after a very long flight from the Philippines when I decided to check out the roster again. I had done this check somewhere at around 11.40 P.M, and the mistake that cost me afterwards was that I did not give importance to the date in which we found ourselves at the time. My roster was showing as follows: May 24 FREE, May 25 flight to Kuwait at 01.15 AM. After my interpretation I had two days off and the third day night departure to Kuwait. Checking date: May 23, flight date May 25. So from my calculations resulted that I get home, I have all the next day to enjoy Dubai, and the day after, in the night, go for Kuwait flight. The theory of an unexperienced and tired flight attendant. In reality, I had only one day off as after midnight I was already on May 24, and flight time being on May 25 at 1.15 A.M which meant that my preparation should start on my day off around 9 P.M. The fact that I did not checked the flight schedule carefully and I did not taken into account that it’s already 00.00 wich meant the beginning of another day, led me to failure for that flight.
I spent my first day off at the pool, in the evening I went out for a walk, and after that I went home where I felt asleep peacefully with the thought that it’s so good to have days off when you can really explore life in Dubai. But the next day early in the morning, shock and horror in my roster: “ABSENT” was written with big block red letters for the Kuwait flight. Initially I thought my phone or application was affected by the heat or the application got stuck, but after I called the number of the Crew Support, I was shocked to find out that I really missed the flight, and this incident will be documented in my file for the next six months. The first instinct was to cry because I was very nervous and it was not my intention to miss the flight, but after a few minutes I realized that I should calm down and explain to my manager what happened in fact and what was my reason for not showing up. Following this incident, which by the way I could have cost me being promoted I began to check my application twice on the phone, ask another opinion if I was too tired to figure it out, or even to use the Crew Portal which was conceived to avoid such situations.

One thing is certain: the cabin crew job makes you forget most of the times on what day of the week you find yourselves, what date and what time is at home, and that’s just because your home is up in the sky!

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