How to apply for a Cabin Crew position

You want to apply for a job in the clouds? You are passionate about aviation and you want to travel all around the globe? Here you will find the steps you need to follow in order to apply for your dream job, as a flight attendant.

  1. Requirements

In order to apply for a position as Cabin Crew first you must see if you meet the minimal conditions listed here:


Minimum 18 years old for most European airlines Minimum 21 years old for the airlines from the Orient (Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Oman Air, Al Maha Airways)


Accepted minimum height of each airline varies based on policy: Minimum 1.57m -1.58 m (for ex: for Ryanair, Easyjet or British Airways) 1.65 m for girls and 1.75 m for boys for Wiz Air

The airlines from the Orient usually require that you must reach 2.10m or 2.12m vertically, with your arm, barefooted, you may stand on your toes. Etihad Airways requires 2.10m whereas Emirates and Qatar Airways 2.12m. More information about it here. 

Be able to swim

Swimming is compulsory for this profession, so if you are not able to swim, you should begin taking swimming classes.

Highschool graduation diploma

This document is mandatory.

No tattoos in sight

Generally companies accept tattoos as long as they are not visible when wearing the uniform. But bear in mind that there are companies like Qatar Airways, which does not accept any tattoos, even if they are not seen when wearing the uniform. Read more about the airlines’ policy on tattoos here.

English language skills

All airlines require fluency in English for their flight attendants, both written and oral. You must have a good level of English to be able to pass the interview. Your English skills are an important part of your training.

Good health

As a future flight attendant, you will be the subject of a series of tests and medical examinations. Their purpose is to detect any possible disease or illness that could aggravate during flights.

Vision requirements

The only accepted diopters are +/- 4, provided you wear both glasses and contact lenses. These are the minimum requirements that a flight attendant should meet. In addition, each airline may impose its own rules on employment, so read the recruitment ads thoroughly.

  1. Where to apply for Cabin Crew

You need to keep an eye on the airline companies career website in order to see when they are hiring Cabin Crew. Here you can find the most searched airline companies for the position of Flight Attendant.


Qatar Airways:

Etihad Airways:

Air Arabia:

Gulf Air:

Oman Air:

Wizz Air:




British Airways:



  1. Prepare before the interview

         1.Perfect CV and Photos

The first thing the recruiters will see when you apply for the job is your CV and Photos. That will make the difference between being accepted or not.  If you want to have your CV perfectly done you can send it to us in order to correct it. More details here.

        2. Inform yourself about the airline and how the interview goes.

Before attending an interview make sure you have informed yourself about everything it is to know of the company you apply to. Also you can look on our website and see how an interview day goes, what are the differences between open and assessment day and how to approach the recruiters.

        3.Attend an interview Cabin Crew course

If you want to be extra prepared for Cabin Crew job you can attend one of our How to be Cabin Crew courses. We are also providing online private coaching with one of our trainers, which will give you the opportunity to prepare for an interview wherever you are. More details here.

Good luck and hope to see you among the clouds!

How to be Cabin Crew team


Prepare yourself for the upcoming interviews with the major airline companies. Attend one of our How to be Cabin Crew courses and make a step towards your dream. Details and registration here.

Online interview at Flydubai

Because we received so many questions from you in the last few days on this subject, we are coming with more details about the online steps through which the candidates for a cabin crew position at Flydubai will need to pass.

The online interview at Flydubai

Before participating at an face to face interview with the recruiters from Flydubai, the candidates need first to pass a series of online tests.

  1. Online application:

You need to fill out a form, sent your photos and your CV and wait for a response from the company.

  1. Online testing :

If you passed the online application screening, you will receive an email from Flydubai, in which you are invited to pass an online interview.  This is divided in 4 tasks and lasts approximately 40 minutes:

Task 1: you have 3 sentence  and 6 points that you need to distribute according to the importance you give to each sentence.

Task 2: you have 8 minutes and a series of English texts, followed by an affirmation about the text. Your task is to verify which affirmation is true or which one is false. Your time is short, so you have to move quickly.

Task 3: You have 4 minutes to choose the correct synonym for each word from a long list and another 4 minutes in which you have to fill in the missing word.

Task 4: Logic test- you will have to choose the geometrical figure that doesn’t meet the rules from a series of drawings.

  1. Filmed Interview:

If you successfully passed the tasks from above, in approximately one week you will receive an invitation for an online interview, in front of the webcam, but without having someone on the other side of the screen. You must dress as if you were meeting with the recruiters face to face. The online interview is composed of 4 questions:

  1. Describe yourself and your work experience
  2. Why do you wish to work for Flydubai
  3. What it means for you customer service
  4. If you want to add anything else that you thing is relevant for your application.

For each question you have 2 minutes, and for the last one, only one. In addition, you have one minute for each question to think about the answer.

If you have passed this round, you will get an official invitation from the company for the LIVE interview, face to face with the recruiters.

Good luck! See you among the clouds!

You can prepare for the upcoming interviews by attending our two day intensive training in Rome on 9-10 July. Find more information about the course here. 

How the perfect flight attendant looks like? Find out what airline companies are looking for

How the perfect flight attendant looks like? Find out what airline companies are looking for when they are hiring.

There are a series of qualities that a flight attendant must have in order to be employed at an airline company, no matter the airline. It is true that each company is looking for something specific when they are recruiting, in order for them to keep the authenticity of their cabin crew and services offered on board. However, the roles of cabin crew and their tasks are all the same, no matter the company you fly for.

Qualities you need to possess:

-passion: the desire to see the world is not enough. You need to be an empathetic individual, to really want to help those around you and save their life if things are not going well during a flight.

-professionalism: always communicate with your colleagues, always smile, and work in team. Understand what your role is on board and never stop learning from the others. Be discreet and do’t do anything that could affect your colleagues.

-experience in customer service: it is a great advantage to have some customer service experience before applying for a flight attendant position. It is not mandatory, but I can be a plus. This means you know how to deal with difficult clients, how to empathise with their problems and go the extra mile for him.

-punctuality: never be late. It is the easiest way to lose your job. If you arrive late at the interview, you will surely not pass it. If you arrive late at your training, you can say goodbye to your colleagues. If you arrive late and you miss your flight, you will be put on the black list and only if you have a really good reason for being late, you might get a second chance. Punctuality is essential for this job. The crew will never wait for you!

-flexibility and adaptability: everything can change in a flash beat and very often this is really happening on a flight! You need to know how to live with it and to move on. There will be times when you need to be ready in 45 minutes in order to go for a flight!

-interest in others: take care of your passengers every day, in the best way possible. You have the chance to make someone else’s day better only by offering excellent service on board and smiling more. Your attitude reflects also the image of the company and the way the passengers perceive it.

-team spirit and communication skills: these aspects are essential on board, especially, in case of difficult or urgent situations. You are part of a team, and that team changes everyday, therefore you need to be able to work with strangers, with persons you have never met before, and you should have the same purpose when working together: the security and comfort of the passengers.

We hope this article gave you at least some hints about what an airline company is looking for when they are hiring. An experienced cabin crew/recruitor sees the potential in candidates and they can tell if she/he has the necessarily skills to be hired. At an assessment day you will be checked the entire day, even if you do not see it, so always be careful to socialize, to smile and to have a professional attitude.

Group tasks and discussions are specially conceived in order to highlight your qualities, so the recruiters can tell if you can work in a team or not. The final interview is your chance to stand out an prove you will be an incredible flight attendant.

If in this moment you feel that you don’t have all these qualities, start working on polishing them. Do not forget that the road to a career in aviation is most of the time a long one and if you didn’t had luck at your first attempt, you should remain positive and think about your next chance

If you plan to become cabin crew, attend our preparation course in Rome. You will learn everything you need to know about airline interview, you will practice all the stages of the interview and learn how to answer the recruiters’ questionsin order to successfully pass the interview. Find more information about the course here. 

The responsibilities of Cabin Crew, before and after each flight

At the time of the boarding, passengers, most of the time, are welcomed at the door of the airplane by the smiling faces of the cabin crew. The posture and their language must be positive, to make the passengers impressed even before take off. These will never know that behind the big smile, in fact, are hiding sometimes long hours of work, because newly airline companies resort more often to the double-sector system (this mean 4 consecutive flies in one day, for example: Dubai-Muscat-Dubai-Bahrein-Dubai)

If in the technical building at the briefing, the pilots did not present themselves before the cabin crew, they can organize a short meeting with the entire crew even before the flight, before boarding the passengers. As flight attendants arrive at the airplane 30-45 minutes before take-off, in all this time they have to organize practically the whole flight.

Safety and Security Control

Firstly, after they arrange their personal belongings in compartments, they can start by checking the intercommunication system, by making a short announcement in the cabin and responding to the call coming from the cabin manager. At the moment when the catering and cleaning teams have left the airplane, the cabin crew can start a safety and security control. Besides checking the doors and the cabin equipment, galleys(kitchen of the aircraft) and toilets (expiration date, pressure, the number of these on boars, intact seal), the cabin crew check also the alarm system in case of fire or smoke and the jump-seat. Through this equipment it is included the megaphone, oxygen tubes, extinguisher, lantern, demo kit, smoke mask, life vest, seatbelts for children, surviving kits and so on. In the cabin must be checked the presence of the seatbelts for all the passengers seats, life vests and the safety instruction card, and also the closing system of the masks and the baggage compartment.
Just now the cabin crew can start the security process, namely checking all the spaces in the airplane where any person can have access (seat pockets, storage space port, wardrobe, toilets, storing compartments of consumables and the trash, all the kitchen spaces and the compartments of emergency equipment and those destine for the cabin crew rest). Any object that doesn’t need to be in the airplane must be found by the flight attendant at the ground, before boarding the passengers and taken away by the security team of the airport. The cabin crew who are responsible at the kitchen will check the functionality of the catering equipment (cafeteria, refrigerators, food carts, boilers, electric oven, heating bread, microwave), their fixing system and of course their electric switches.

Catering & Duty Free

Once completed these procedures, will be taken the catering and duty free products, to make sure they will have an excellent service the whole flight. Therefore, the cabin crew responsible for selling the Duty Free will check their stock, the ones responsible for the bar will fill in the refrigerates with bottles of white wine, champagne, beer and juice, and the ones that are working in the kitchen, will number the trays and food casseroles to make sure that each passenger has a portion for the service offered on that flight. Of course, now is the time to check if any special foods are brought on board, like the ones for children, diabetics, and passengers with gluten intolerance, lactose, peanuts and so on.

Boarding the passengers

Once obtained the approval of the captain, the passenger can be boarded, taken to their seats by the cabin crew, process followed by distribution of some products on ground (amenity kit, menus, perfumed napkins, candies, newspapers) and a video and audio presentation of the safety equipment and the evacuation procedures in case of emergency. As soon as the passengers buckled their seatbelts, raised the seatbacks, table trays, feet support and sunshades and closed the electronic equipment, the cabin crew will transmit to the cabin manager that the entire cabin is ready to take off.
Such a preparation of the cabin will take place, as well, before landing, insisting on the fact that the passengers must remain seated till the airplane is completely stopped and the “Fasten the seatbelts” sign is off. Before landing, is again checked the bar stock and the Duty Free, compartments being sealed by the flight attendants responsible with it, and in case of a flight with a layover, it’s written also an inventory of the products remained on board for the cabin crew that will retrieve the airplane and even can be prepared the products used on the return flight.

Announcements on landing

In the announcement made after landing, the cabin crew can give information regarding to the airport, connections, terminals and smoking lounges in the airport. Once landed, as soon as the last passengers leave the airplane, the cabin crew will check again the security process to make sure that nobody forgot any luggage in the airplane, intentional or not, and the compartments in the kitchen will be sealed if the plane landed on base or if it will be another cabin crew without them to meet on board.

You can prepare for the upcoming interviews by attending our two day intensive training in Rome on 9-10 July. Find more informations about the course here.

cabin crew outfit

Make sure you have perfect photos for the cabin crew interview

When you fill in the cabin crew application you must attach two types of digital photographs of yourself:

  • One passport-type photograph
  • One full-length photograph

However, when you go to the job interview, you should also have these pictures printed and attached to your resume.

What size should the photographs be?

Usually, each company will specify this on their website, the moment they update the information about the recruiting session. However, most of the times, they require a passport-type photograph (i.e. 3.5 X 4.5 cm) and a full-length one (13 X 18 cm.).

Be sure when you upload these pictures in the on-line application they do not exceed the 500 kB limit and also, they are formatted in the .jpeg type.


  • smile authentically
  • your smile could be either closed or open mouth
  • do not raise your eyebrows
  • make sure your face and your sight are camera-oriented
  • make sure your hands and legs fit the picture
  • do not cross your legs
  • do not wear glasses or colored contact lenses

Tips for taking the photos:

  • the background should be one-color (usually white)
  • sufficiently illuminated pictures are preferred
  • the picture must be taken at your height level
  • the picture must be clear and at a high resolution
  • both photographs should be taken at the same time s o as not to be upsettingly different
  • the full-length photo must show your full body, including the shoes.

In these pictures you can see three former How to be cabin crew students, currently flight attendants at different airlines.


Dress code

The outfit you take your pictures in should match the one you will be wearing when going to the interview.


  • Deux-pieces black/blue/grey/brown/black green suit.
  • Shirt, preferably a white one or in a light colour (beige, ligt blue, light pink, not trasparent)
  • Knee-length skirt
  • Leg-colored stockings
  • Dark colored High heels, preferably matching the color of the suit
  • Engagement ring, wedding ring, pearl earrings or a small, transparent rock and a small watch
  • If your hair is short, comb it neatly; if your hair is shoulder-length or longer, you need to have a bun
  • Wear natural make-up, appropriate to your color complexion.


  • Blue, black or dark grey suit, only thin stripes are accepted.
  • Classic, collar, long sleeves shirt, preferably white
  • Simple tie, the color matching the suit
  • Belt, socks and shoes necessarily matching the suit color
  • Attentively polished shoes
  • Short, neat hair
  • The only accepted accessories – wedding ring/engagement ring and watch.

After applying for a job as cabin crew, the photographs you have taken will bear much importance in the recruiting process. They will be shown to the HR department of the company after the Assessment Day. Only after the application form is fully-completed and studied, will the final response be given. Make sure it proves you are the candidate they’ve been looking for!

We’ll be in Rome on 6-7th May! Join our 2 day training course and you will learn everything you need to know to pass the cabin crew interview stages. At the end of the course, you will be fully prepared for the interview with ANY airline. Book your seat now!  

cabin crew

What’s next if you have passed the final interview with an airline company?

Are you among the lucky ones who have passed their final interview and can almost call themselves cabin crew? Then it means that you can start imagining your cabin crew career, the adventures you’ll have and the wonderful experience that lie ahead.

Before all these happen, let us tell you what follows after an interview with an airline company:

1. Golden email/golden call

One week or around 10 days after the final interview the airline company will inform you via email or phone if you have been selected for the job. Be sure to check your email constantly and to have access to a phone line. You never know when the recruiters might contact you. It can also be during the weekend, so be aware that Sunday is a working day in the Arab countries. If your the answer is positive, you’ll also be informed regarding what else they need from you: certain documents, details about your work contract, medical check-ups, when should you quit your present workplace and so on.

2. Medical Check-ups

All airline companies require certain medical check-ups before hiring. For most airline companies you’ll have to present a complete set of check-ups before signing the contract. Etihad, however, has a different policy: the new recruits get their check-ups done after they arrive at the headquarters. Some of the check-ups you’ll need to keep in mind are: HIV test, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, a radiography for tuberculosis, a panoramic teeth radiography and a x-ray that proves you don’t have scoliosis. Emirates also requires a Pap test.

Besides, you’ll also be asked to hand in a list with all the vaccines you’ve gotten so far. The list must also contain the yellow fever and meningococcal vaccines. If it does’t you must get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Remember: When at the headquarters of your new employer, all the check-ups we have mentioned will be repeated at the company’s medical clinic, therefore they can rest assured that their new recruit is 100% healthy. Otherwise, the risk is that you might be sent home. Your health is a number 1 priority.

3. Documents – signing the contract

When all your check-ups are in order, the next step is signing your contract. Usually, a contract with an airline company is signed for a 3 years period. However, Qatar Airways requires a 5 years period on their contracts. You must have a valid, not temporary passport. Most Arab countries do not accept temporary passports!

4. Date of join – Plane ticket

Shortly after your receive the golden email/call you’ll also be informed about the date you’ll fly to your new “home, your plane ticket will be paid by your new employer.

5. What to pack?

The airline company will pay up to 100 kg extra luggage ( Qatar Airways pays for 130!) so you can bring most of the things you need. Keep in mind when packing that you need clothes for all seasons as you’ll fly all over the world and you’ll experience all types of weather.

6. Training

Depending on the airline company, the training period will last from 6 to 8 weeks. Prepare yourself for an intense learning experience about everything a cabin crew member should know: aviation in general, types of planes, safety & emergency, service on board and so on.

Remember: You must wear business attire at the training sessions: black skirt or pants, white shirt and black pumps. You have to always respect the company’s grooming manual even when entering the company’s headquarters.

Good luck and see you among the clouds!

Join us on an exclusive 4 days training course. We’ll share everything you need to know to pass the cabin crew interview stages, we will edit your perfect CV and take professional pictures for your online application. At the end of the course, you will be fully prepared for the interview. Book your seat now! 

Top 10 Cabin Crew Final Interview Questions

The Final Interview is the last step you need to take while dealing with the recruiters. It may last from just a few minutes (as it is the case of Qatar Airways, when you are given not more than 5 minutes) to 20-30 minutes. It all depends on your discussion with the recruiters, what they are looking for on your CV, your past experience and the way in which you succeed to convince them of your future cabin crew abilities.

The discussion is usually a relaxed one; it’s just you and the recruiters. They will pay close attention to your answers, as well as to your body language. How you will support your opinions, along with your ability to take decisions quickly and give relevant answers will also be noticed.

There are some standard questions posed on the final interview. That does not mean, of course, that the questions will remain the same for each interview, or that the recruiters won’t ask you something specific, according to your own professional experience. You have to be prepared for anything, confident and optimistic during all the interview process.

Here is a list of the most commonly asked interview questions, whose response should be kept in mind:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
  2. Recall a time when a co-worker was not doing their job. Did you step in, and if so, how?
  3. Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant?
  4. What 3 strengths would you bring to the company?
  5. Tell me a time when you were overwhelmed at work. What happened? What did you do? What was the end result?
  6. Give an example of excellent customer service you provide.
  7. How do you feel about wearing a uniform at work?
  8. Why should we hire you?
  9. Do you want to ask us anything?
  10. Recall a time when you had to handle an unruly customer. How did you resolve the ensuing conflict?

Cabin Crew Final Interview Questions: How to answer?

Stay relevant in everything you say. Don’t give very long answers and always come up with practical examples, relating to your own experience. Be sincere and tell the truth in case you haven’t already found yourself in a certain situation. Don’t interrupt the recruiters and try to maintain a positive atmosphere. When you are done, don’t forget to thank them for their time.

My advice is to have the answers to the questions above prepared in advance (or at least have an idea). Don’t memorize them and don’t try to build perfect answers. Smile as much as you can and try to prove the recruiters that all your qualities recommend you for the position of flight attendant within that airline.

swimming test cabin crew

The swimming test. Should cabin crew know how to swim?

Yes, cabin crew be able to swim.

Cabin crew do not have to demonstrate extraordinary abilities for swimming, but must be able to swim for up to 50 meters, across a pool about 2 meters deep.

I cannot swim, but I want to be cabin crew.

There is no swimming test during the recruitment phase, but you must learn how to swim before you board on the plane. During the cabin crew licensing training, you must prove that you are not afraid of water and, if needed, you can swim.

So, if you cannot swim at the moment of your recruitment, you have some extra time to take swimming lessons before your employment.

Is there a swimming test at the recruitment interview?

Currently there is no swimming test at the time of the recruiting. Arab companies trust candidates to have this ability, but the academy training programme has a ditching test where future cabin crew must prove their ability to swim.

How do you prove you are able to swim?

The courses for future cabin crew, whether insured by the employing company or an independent aviation school, have a ditching module. The ditching module involves putting your life-jacket on, swimming across a pool, climbing into a lifeboat and rescuing a drowning passenger.

In the videos below you can watch two versions of ditching training

Join us on an exclusive 4 day training course. We’ll share everything you need to know to pass the cabin crew interview stages, we will edit your perfect CV and take professional pictures for your online application. At the end of the course, you will be fully prepared for the interview. Book your seat now! 

All about cabin crew tattoos

Are cabin crew allowed to have tattoos?

This seems to be a commonly discussed issue among those, men or women, who wish to become cabin crew, but already have tattoos, and Nicoleta Gherman, trainer and recruiter, has already answered a few questions on this topic.

As a general rule, it is considered that, having tattoos isn’t a problem as long as they aren’t visible whilst wearing the uniform, but numerous companies that hire, ask cabin crew candidates during the interview whether they have any tattoos or not.

Some of the people we know, are of the opinion that they haven’t made it pass the first stage of the interview because they have admitted having a tattoo, even if this was positioned on their shoulder, back or stomach. Others, who kept quiet about their discrete tattoos during the interview, passed without any problems – it seems an unfair and confusing situation for those going to the selection!

One thing is certain: each airline adopts a rule when it comes to cabin crew tattoos. Some companies’ policy says that a flight attendant is not allowed to have any tattoo, while other companies’ policy says that, as long as the tattoo isn’t visible, it is not a problem.

Company policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

The airline companies’ argument for their not wishing cabin crew to have tattoos is that, if they, at a certain point, design a new uniform with shorter sleeves or of a finer material, it is possible that cabin crew’ tattoos will be exposed in plain sight.

Qatar Airways policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

No tattoos allowed, regardless of the area they’re located in. This company does not tolerate tattoos and did not hesitate to make redundant senior employees when they introduced this rule.

Etihad Airways policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

If tattoos can be covered by the uniform, they are not a problem. Camouflaging a visible tattoo is not allowed: “No tattoos that would be visible whilst wearing the Etihad uniform (bandages and cosmetic coverings are not permitted).”

Emirates policy regarding cabin crew tattoos

Tattoos are allowed as long as they are not visible whilst in uniform. “No visible tattoos while in Emirates Cabin Crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings not permitted).”

Wizzair and Ryanair policies regarding cabin crew tattoos

Tattoos can not be visible whilst wearing the uniform. Does not allow any visible tattoos. Only those that can be covered by the uniform are allowed.

An airline company will never hire cabin crew with visible tattoos. Furthermore, there are companies that completely prohibit the presence of tattoos, no matter what area of the body they are located in.

Generally, the policy says that no cabin crew can have visible distinctive mark (tattoos, scars, birthmarks). Most uniforms for cabin crew consisting of a skirt/gymslip knee length and short-sleeved shirt, so that it is forbidden to have tattoos or any visible marks on any of the body parts in sight.

The visible parts of the body are: face, neck, hands, arms, legs.

During the assessment day, recruiters might ask you to fill out a form where you mention if you have any birthmarks or tattoos, and where exactly are they positioned on the body. If you do not wish to declare a tattoo to the recruiters, it will eventually be revealed during the medical test that every cabin crew must undertake at the airline’s medical clinic, after the employment. In this case, your employment contract ceases immediately and you will be sent back home.


The cabin crew job interview. How do you impress the recruiters?

Most candidates complain that they do not know exactly what recruiters are looking for, when selecting new employees. True, there is no standard profile or recipe for success when it comes to the interview, but there are some tips that any future cabin crew should consider when applying for this job.

How does a future cabin crew persuade recruiters?

1. Appearance

Details make a difference, and the image of a cabin crew is extremely important because it mirrors the company’s image. So, make sure that for the interview your look flawless ,you respect the dress code and feel comfortable in your clothes. We have already thoroughly described, in one of our articles, the way you should dress for the interview, so you may get your inspiration from there.

2. CV

Your CV should represent you, speak for you and not be too long. During our How to be cabin crew courses, we are reviewing each candidate’s CV so that they don’t encounter any problems at the interview. A well structured, consistent, businesslike CV will make a difference to the recruiters.

3. You already know what answers to give

Questions are somewhat standardised at the interview, so, it’s a good idea to have some ready-made answers, not to be forced to formulate them on the spot, when emotions are already playing tricks on you and make you go out of words. Make a list of potential questions and answers and do not let the recruiters surprise you.

4. Enthusiasm

It’s what you shouldn’t miss for the interview. It’s your main weapon, the one that proves the recruiters how much you want this job. Show them your enthusiasm, be blithe during the interview and no matter how tired you are, do not let that show.

5. Humour and a contagious smile

It is advisable to have humour and a detached approach, without taking it to the extreme. Don’t make bad jokes, but know when to make those around you smile, recruiters included. Smile from the heart and do not forget that “a smile brings a smile”

6. Ask intelligent questions

At the cabin crew final interview, recruiters might request you should ask them something. Make sure you know what you want to ask. Some examples might be:

  • What advice would you give a future cabin crew?
  • What would be, in their opinion, the biggest challenge for a flight attendant?
  • What is the company’s development strategy? (unless they have already been mentioned in the initial presentation of the company)

Good luck, and see you among the clouds!

Join us on an exclusive 4 day training course. We’ll share everything you need to know to pass the cabin crew interview stages, we will edit your perfect CV and take professional pictures for your online application. At the end of the course, you will be fully prepared for the interview. Book your seat now!  

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